The Best DVIR App for your ELD Solution

Whip Around’s DVIR solution ensures inspections are done right, instead of relying on the capabilities of your existing ELD solution.

Supplement your ELD With the Leading DVIR Solution


Whip Around is a must-have, no matter the hardware or systems you currently use. Sync mileage, GPS tracking and location data between platforms, without breaking existing workflows.

Inspections Done Right

Ensure inspections are actually completed step-by-step, with mandatory photos if needed. No more digital pencil whipping, or single-button ‘no-defects found’.

Confidence in Compliance

Whip Around was specifically designed for FMCSA/DVIR compliance. Last inspection sign-off, mechanic signatures and custom workflows to keep you audit-ready.

Valuable Insight, Even for No-defect DVIRs

With Whip Around, even a no-defect DVIR can give you powerful insights. Collect mileage, generate maintenance reminders, and assess driver wellbeing and vehicle condition.

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Why Companies With Telematics Solutions Use Whip Around

DVIR Data + Telematics Data Seamlessly IntegratedWith integrations with leading telematics solutions like Verizon Connect, important vehicle information collected in Whip Around can be synced to your telematics solution, and vice-versa.
Whip Around Customers Manage Safer, More Productive FleetsNo more worrying about your existing solution’s DVIR capabilities. Whip Around streamlines inspections and maintenance no matter what solution you are using.

Increase the Safety Compliance and Profitability of Your Fleet

The New DVIR

Old paper books and antiquated solutions are out, the new connected inspection app for drivers and fleet managers is in. See how Whip Around’s powerful features can supercharge your fleet.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Take pictures of defects, paired with time, date and location stamped reports to ensure you have the right information when you need it to take action