The 2021 Better Business Inspection

Is your fleet on the road to success for 2021?

Whip Around's 12-Point Checklist

In 2020 we saw a lot of companies use the challenges of the year as an opportunity to review, reset, and accelerate their processes using technology. We've compiled a 12-point checklist this time for your business (as opposed to your fleet!) to help you run a more efficient, profitable, safer, and compliant operation in 2021.
Checklist Item #1
Is vehicle downtime costing you money?

Paper processes get in the way of doing good, efficient business –often leading to costly downtime for your fleet.

The good news? With Whip Around’s digital solution, you can better manage your fleet’s faults, preventative maintenance, and ultimately keep more of your vehicles on the road by acting on real-time information.

Checklist Item #2
Do you understand your compliance obligations?

If you have a DOT number, you are bound by a set of regulations that define how you must inspect, maintain and report on your vehicles.

Whip Around gives you the ability to quickly access records for all your vehicles in the event of an audit. Ensure you have confidence in your compliance, and lower your organization’s risk of violations or interventions.

Checklist Item #3
Have you prioritized safety in your business?

Drivers want safe vehicles, and you want your drivers to reach their destination. Whether you’re focused on compliance, condition reporting and preventing accidents, or your drivers’ wellness, Whip Around is your perfect companion.

Ensure your pre-trip inspections are recorded accurately before drivers hit the road and keep your vehicles (and your drivers) in safe working order.

Checklist Item #4
Are you offsetting your carbon footprint?

Not only is paper clumsy and out of date, it’s far from ideal for running an environmentally-friendly operation.

With Whip Around, you get a paper-free and intuitive tool to enable seamless inspections, fleet management, and maintenance – while moving your organization one step closer to running a more sustainable business powered by technology.

Checklist Item #5
Do you have data at your fingertips?

To succeed in 2021, your business needs an easy way to view real-time information about your fleet of vehicles or assets.

With Whip Around, our platform enables managers to make informed, data-driven decisions, while eliminating the hassle of dealing with paper-based records.

Checklist Item #6
Do you still spend money on clipboards, ballpoint pens, and filing cabinets?

It’s time to eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with outdated inspections and maintenance processes. Paper-based processes not only cost you more money in office supplies, but forms are difficult to find, organize, and store.

Whip Around’s digital platform ensures your fleet and asset inspection data is always safe, accessible, and reproducible from wherever you are.

Checklist Item #7
Are you unnecessarily wasting money on maintenance?

Whip Around’s digital platform allows you to proactively plan your maintenance schedules based on operating hours, mileage travelled, or minor faults identified. View this information when creating your PM schedule, and eliminate guesswork.

Avoid those big, preventable incidents that take your vehicles out of service and lead to costly repairs and downtime.

Checklist Item #8
Are you having issues with undocumented damage?

Do you find your vehicles have damage that hasn’t been reported? Does this affect the experience your customers have with your brand?

Whip Around keeps you in the know by using time, date, and location stamped reports with photos to tell the whole story and keep drivers accountable.

This means you’ll get the truth about damage whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Checklist Item #9
Are your drivers pencil whipping?

Are you missing key information about the road worthiness of your vehicles as a result of drivers who pencil whip inspection reports?

Whip Around enables your team to be more accountable by ensuring drivers report problems straight from the app.

No more waiting for the maintenance department to track down paper DVIRs to view information. It’s instant.

Checklist Item #10
Are you running a contactless business?

2020 has required businesses to operate differently to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

Whip Around can help your team replace paper-based inspection and maintenance processes, limiting unnecessary physical contact.

Customize forms to include new fleet or equipment hygiene protocols, and better protect your employees and customers.

Checklist Item #11
Are your drivers being heard?

Drivers are your biggest asset; they are your eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to assessing the condition and performance of vehicles in your fleet.

Whip Around empowers drivers with the tools to communicate important information like pictures, location data, or mileage with the tap of a button. By connecting your drivers to the rest of the business, their feedback is available in real time.

Checklist Item #12
Do you like paperwork?

If your DVIR, compliance, or maintenance processes are still managed on paper you’re a few steps behind. Paper processes have been proven to take more time, attract more compliance risk, and increases the likelihood of unplanned maintenance.

Whip Around’s simple mobile inspection and maintenance solution is used by thousands fleets who have put an end to paperwork for good.