5 Key Benefits of a Work Order App

It is vital that your fleet is kept in top condition so that the vehicles perform as expected, when they’re needed. Daily vehicle inspections are an essential aspect of the fleet’s maintenance. Any faults that are noted during the driver’s daily inspections must be immediately addressed. This not only ensures the vehicle remains in good condition longer, it also improves regulatory compliance. For many years, work orders were submitted using paper forms completed by the driver which were passed on to the mechanic and subsequently filed by management. Digital work orders, via a work order app have changed this process and offer 5 key benefits for drivers, mechanics, and fleet managers alike.

No Paperwork Needed

Digital work orders simplify the process of documenting vehicle faults by eliminating paper forms. Drivers no longer have to carry the paperwork in their truck, find a pen, and take the time to insert repetitive information. There’s no risk of the driver losing one or more copies of the work order or damaging the papers before they can be turned in. Plus, there’s no risk of the mechanic misplacing a work order once it’s submitted.

Digital work orders are also a more cost-efficient means of documenting vehicle faults. Companies no longer have to order large quantities of multi-copy forms to distribute to their drivers. There’s no wait time for the delivery to be made either, meaning there’s no risk of running out of forms that drivers need. A work order app only requires that the driver uses a connected device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Improved Internal Communication

Communication is paramount when it comes to fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs. Management and mechanics rely upon the drivers to find and report on any faults, and drivers in turn rely on them to make sure that things are taken care of. In order to satisfy both sides, accurate descriptions of the faults and actions taken to correct them are essential. A work order app keeps the lines of communication open and clear.

A driver’s penmanship, spelling errors, or other issues associated with hand-written work orders can cause confusion and delays. Digital work orders eliminate the need for drivers to write out their findings by hand, which can be difficult for some. Instead, they use the keypad to type the problem out. Even if the grammar or spelling is incorrect, the information is clear and legible, making it easier for others to read, understand, and act on it immediately.

Simplifies Repair Scheduling

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment is more than just a good idea, it’s imperative. The same holds true for repairs that need to be completed. Any fault, no matter how small, has to be scheduled for repair in a timely manner to ensure that the vehicle remains road worthy and safe. Getting a vehicle into the garage quickly can also mean the difference between productivity and unplanned downtime.

Whip Around’s work order app allows drivers to instantly communicate a repair need to the garage so the mechanics are aware of the issue. Then, they can prioritize repairs based on their urgency. This results in faster action on the most pressing issues and helps mechanics schedule non-urgent repairs later. That keeps the garage running smoothly and gets vehicles back on the road faster.

Extended Vehicle Useful Life

Your drivers and vehicles are always on the move through city streets, highways, and backroads. That fast pace keeps your company competitive, productive, and profitable. In other words, your vehicles are important assets that you have to take care of in order to get the most out of them. Fleet vehicle repairs are a fact of life when they’re being used to their maximum capacity.

From small things like replacing a belt or hose to larger repairs like replacing a major part, it has to be done in a timely manner. Letting even the smallest repair go for too long can result in a breakdown, additional costs, and downtime for your driver. Ignoring a repair also decreases the vehicles useful life, meaning it will have to be replaced far sooner than you expect or want to.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all motor carriers and intermodel equipment providers to systematically inspect, repair, and maintain their vehicles. All parts and accessories that may affect the safety of the vehicle’s operation must be in proper operating condition at all times. Carriers are also required to keep records of the maintenance and repair activities for all vehicles under their control for 30 consecutive days. These records must be maintained for one year, or six months after the vehicle leaves their control.



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Record keeping has long been a difficult task for carriers as they had to maintain physical copies of daily inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Limited space and lack of organization made it difficult for some carriers to produce records when required by inspectors or law enforcement. Thus, digital vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) and work order records submitted through an app eliminate these issues. Records are readily available to any interested party in an instant and the do not require any physical space for storage.


Your fleet works hard for you and you work hard to keep your vehicles operating smoothly. You also have a responsibility to ensure that your drivers are safe and that they’re able to remain productive throughout their shift. In addition, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to regulatory compliance. Whip Around’s mobile DVIR solution was designed with fleet owners like you in mind.

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