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The Top 5 Ways Whip Around Can Transform Your Transportation and Logistics Business

Maintaining a competitive edge in the transportation and logistics industry is easier said than done. Owners and operators are often forced to wear many hats. In addition to increasing profits and expanding their customer base, business owners must remain abreast of changing industry regulations and introduce strategies to improve efficiency. Below is a look at the key issues facing logistics providers and the top five ways Whip Around can help your business avoid those challenges and become a leader in the logistics industry.

How Digital Inspections Improve Customer Service for Chauffeur Companies

Commercial passenger transportation services are constantly under pressure to provide excellent service to clients while effectively managing logistics, coordination, and safety. This is especially true with chauffeur and limousine companies, as their clients have higher expectations and demands.

In their efforts to meet these expectations and demands, drivers and managers may neglect comprehensively completing their Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). This can lead to compliance issues, vehicle breakdowns, safety incidents, and degraded customer service. In an effort to help, let's discuss how digital inspections improve customer service for chauffeur and limousine companies.

What Is DOT Compliance and Why Is It so Important?

DOT compliance is essential to fostering the safe transport of cars, shipping containers, concrete piping, and other heavy cargo. A compliance inspection can occur at any time, highlighting the importance of bolstering compliance among drivers and other employees. Below is a look at DOT compliance and the increasingly critical role it plays for businesses in the transportation and construction industries.