What is Preventive/Preventative Maintenance?

Conducting maintenance: you wouldn’t consider putting it off for your car, but many people find themselves ignoring the need for maintenance on their work equipment. Unfortunately, failure to maintain your equipment can lead to costly problems down the line. Do you need more help remembering to take care of maintenance on your equipment? The Whip Around Preventive Maintenance Feature can make it easier to accomplish your preventative maintenance goals.

What Does Preventative Maintenance Accomplish?

Preventative maintenance, or preventive maintenance, is designed to ensure that all of your equipment keeps running as smoothly as possible. Generally, preventative maintenance is performed while the machine in question is still running perfectly. You might not have noticed any hint of a problem–and for some people, that might mean that maintenance can be put off a little longer. Over time, however, your equipment may wear down and stop working as smoothly. Scheduling preventive maintenance and taking care of your machines as early in the process as possible is the most effective way to ensure that your equipment keeps running smoothly.

Preventative maintenance is important for all of your equipment: printers, scanners, and fax machines in the office; heavy manufacturing equipment; the tools used to accomplish daily construction tasks. That maintenance accomplishes a number of important goals:

Keep your equipment clean. Over time, dust, debris, and leftover materials can turn into a mess within your equipment, causing it to stop running as smoothly. In some cases, buildup can also cause the machine to stop working altogether, especially if you ignore the need to clean for an excessive period of time.

Identify potential problems before they become more serious. Often, a piece of equipment appears to be running smoothly, but in reality has worn parts or other problems that could quickly lead to a breakdown. When you conduct maintenance on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of equipment breakdown by taking care of any potential problems.

Make repairs less costly. Sometimes, regular maintenance includes replacing pieces in your equipment that are starting to break down or that have lived out their useful cycle. Many people view this type of maintenance as unnecessarily expensive or try to avoid it as often as possible. Unfortunately, ignoring basic maintenance can make repairs more costly in the long run. Failure to replace parts as necessary can make eventual repairs more costly or more difficult.

What Happens Without Preventive Maintenance?

When you fail to conduct vital preventative maintenance on your equipment, you’ll quickly notice that problems start to mount. You may:

Have unexpected equipment failures. When you fail to conduct proper maintenance on your equipment, you may have unexpected problems. Since you failed to identify hazards that could cause the equipment to fail, your equipment may fail seemingly out of the blue, with no way to schedule or prepare for that downtime. As a result, you may have employees standing around who have nothing to do while you wait for repairs to take place–not to mention a mounting backlog of work that needs to be completed.

Have increased downtime. Often, preventive maintenance leads to scheduled downtime for your equipment. Failure to conduct that maintenance, on the other hand, leads to unscheduled downtime–and it may take longer to get the machine back up and running again. Not only are repairs more complex, the problem needs to be identified, and you may discover that you don’t have the necessary parts on hand to take care of those repairs immediately. As a result, it may take longer to get the machine up and running again after a mechanical failure.

Notice increased repair and replacement costs. When you have to repair or replace a piece of machinery, those costs are often far higher than conducting regular maintenance–especially if failure to conduct maintenance leads to expensive repairs or the need to replace a piece of costly machinery entirely.

Find repairs more inconvenient. You can’t schedule mechanical failures and breakdowns–but you can schedule preventive maintenance. When your equipment breaks down unexpectedly, you may find yourself scrambling to take care of repairs. Those repairs may not fit into your schedule. Planned downtime for maintenance, on the other hand, can be designed to fit smoothly into your schedule so that you experience fewer problems as a result of the need for repairs.

How Can Whip Around Help?

With the Whip Around Preventative Maintenance Feature, you don’t have to worry about the need for maintenance sneaking up on you at the worst possible moment. The great benefits of this feature can make it easier for you to handle many of the tasks related to your equipment. You can:

Keep track of all of your equipment, the last time it had regularly scheduled maintenance, and when you need to conduct it again. Often, it’s difficult to keep up with each piece of equipment individually, but the Whip Around Preventative Maintenance Feature keeps all of that information in one convenient location, available at the tips of your fingers.

Schedule maintenance reminders. Does maintenance often get away from you? Do you find yourself forgetting some of the most important elements of maintaining your equipment? With Whip Around, you can have notifications sent out when you need to schedule maintenance on your equipment. You can even include order lists that will let you know what parts or other items you need to conduct that maintenance.

Send alerts to the right individuals. When you use the Whip Around system, you can connect every member of your staff or send out reminders to the ones responsible for each piece of equipment, taking the pressure off of you and ensuring that no detail is missed. Not only that, you can easily customize who sees the reminders so no one gets excess information.

Are you ready to start taking better care of your machinery, your staff, and more? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about how the Whip Around system can transform communications and operations throughout your facility for the better.

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