Whip Around Adds New Feature to Easily Identify Compliance Risks

Whip Around, the leading fleet inspection and maintenance software developer, has launched new functionality enabling fleet managers to see gaps in their vehicles’ inspection history and take proactive action with drivers from the Whip Around platform.

The new Exception Reporting feature automates the manual and time-consuming process of checking that vehicles have been inspected daily in line with Department of Transportation (DOT) DVIR regulations. The Missed Inspection Report notifies fleet managers when an inspection has not been conducted, giving them the opportunity to take immediate action to ensure compliance. The new feature allows communication back to drivers and other managers to follow up on any report omissions. 

Whip Around Adds New Feature to Easily Identify Compliance Risks

The new feature further adds to Whip Around’s cloud-based platform that provides fleet inspection and maintenance solutions to a wide variety of operators in North America. Recent releases have included a Driver Wellness feature that enables businesses to track and measure driver health and take preventative action to prevent the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Tim Boyle, CEO of Whip Around, said: “One of our core capabilities is DVIR compliance and ensuring inspections are undertaken as required, by reminding drivers to do them and notifying managers when they have been missed. This additional feature set provides fleet managers with added visibility to identify any areas of risk in their compliance obligations and work to rectify these in the appropriate way.”

To learn more about Whip Around’s new functionality, email sales@whiparound.com or call 704 489 3268. Existing customers should contact their Account manager or email support@whiparound.com for further details.