Damon Pratt, Dispatch Supervisor at Hometowne Energy

"Much easier to schedule work on our vehicles in a timely manner"

Damon PrattDispatch Supervisor

Case Study: Hometowne Energy

Hometowne Energy

Hometowne Energy is the premier fuel provider for the Finger Lakes and Western New York region since the 1940s.

Fleet managers face substantial market developments such as supply chain disruptions, difficulty hiring and retaining drivers, higher insurance rates, high fuel prices, and more. Recent improvements in fleet management technology, however, are opening up new opportunities for resolving these issues. While today’s fleet concerns might be complicated, more firms are turning to technology to stay ahead of the competition. AI, machine learning, automation, and sophisticated analytics may dramatically transform how fleet management organizations function and boost efficiency. That’s why Hometowne Energy looked to Whip Around for solutions. 

Hometowne Energy, a fuel delivery and equipment installation company that services areas from Rochester to Milo Mills and Brockport to Canandaigua, was looking for a technical solution to increase their fleet’s performance. Their goal was to provide a better delivery service to their clients, while at the same time being mindful of any exploitation.

Since acquiring Whip Around, they have strengthened its operations and regained control of its delivery performance. “Much easier to schedule work on our vehicles in a timely manner” – Damon Pratt, Dispatch Supervisor at Hometowne Energy.

A male truck driver from Howmtowne Energy uses his phone to report to his fleet’s maintenance app.

About Hometowne Energy

Hometowne was formally founded in 2002, although its history dates back to the middle of the 1940s with Arnold Oil. In 1971, Bill Arnold sold the firm, run from the company’s Brockport headquarters and bulk factory, to Robert Thompson, his son-in-law.

Robert sold the business to Chriss Andrews, his son-in-law, in 1980. Chriss guided and expanded the company through a number of transformations into a full-service company with a strong focus on responsive customer care. Under Chriss’ direction, Hometowne Energy has developed into a successful regional rival, providing service to over 10,000 clients in Western New York State, including residential, business, agricultural, and wholesale customers.

With the goal of being a dependable supplier and providing unmatched service quality, Hometowne Energy has developed solid ties with clients over the years. Since using Whip Around, Hometowne Energy’s delivery performance has improved from good to excellent.

The Challenge

Cost reduction, ensuring safety compliance, and extending the life of the fleet are the three major goals of any fleet manager and can only be accomplished with effective fleet maintenance software. Efficiency optimization is crucial for any firm. Most people are doing everything they can to save costs while boosting productivity. No matter where your vehicles are, using fleet management software may help you accomplish these objectives from anywhere.

Hometown Energy is a portion of a group of fuel delivery businesses. They provide a variety of fuels for sale and delivery in Western New York. The business has been around for more than 15 years and places a high value on its dedication to clients. They must have complete control over their fleet of cars to provide their customers with an effective service. Since the company’s assets include its vehicles, it is crucial for them to be kept up to date on their condition. This includes if they are being mishandled, using too much fuel, or showing signs of excessive wear and tear.

Efficient fleet management in the bulk logistics business is a balancing act, but it may be made much easier with an optimization system capable of alleviating some of the role’s most recurring challenges. Don’t allow them to take over your time. Businesses may guarantee that the expenses associated with vehicle breakdowns are kept to a minimum by using automated fleet management technologies like Whip Around.

Hometowne Energy Winning the Challenge With Whip Around

After researching several options for gaining complete control over their fleet, HomeTowne Energy came upon the solution Whip Around. Whip Around was the appropriate product due to its low cost and ease of usage.

Would you recommend Whip around to other companies? “Yes. It’s very easy to use,” explains Damon Pratt, Dispatch Supervisor at Hometowne Energy. Whip Around is currently a technology that Hometowne Energy uses consistently throughout the day. Damon Pratt says Whip Around has been a vital component in their growth since they achieved special success by utilizing some of the system’s features: “Safety improvements and not missing out on vehicle inspections.”

No matter how big or small a company is, fleet safety is a major concern. An accident and potential injuries can result from unsafe drivers, vehicles, and other circumstances. When your company creates a culture of safety, your fleet will run more profitably and function with more efficiency.

Whip Around enables fleet managers to collect analytical data, track the vehicles in real time, and monitor the driver’s actions. This can provide you and the fleet manager with the knowledge to ensure the security and use of the vehicles. Sufficient data can be provided by connected vehicles to prevent you from making poor strategic choices.

When asked if this integration has saved money on maintenance, Damon Pratt replies, “I don’t believe so. If anything it has gone up, but in a good way as now we are finally able to keep on top of everything in a timely manner.” Whip Around has proven to be a valuable friend for Hometowne Energy as they expand their fleet and company.

Take Your Fleet Management to the Next Level With Whip Around

Fleet management, according to experts, will only get more expensive. Unfortunately, fleet expenditures will not only continue to rise significantly. As fuel prices rise, your vehicle purchase expenses will rise, as will maintenance costs owing to longer replacement schedules. While most current market factors are outside the control of any fleet operation, they will require planning to overcome.

You presumably have another fuel-efficiency plan in place, but employing fleet management software may significantly improve it. Fleet management software is an essential tool for any trucking company trying to boost driver efficiency, reduce operating costs, and transform their business.

Whip Around is an inspection and maintenance software that is simple to use for equipment managers, operators, and technicians. The Whip Around smartphone app allows you to manage inspections, track damage with images, and record precise mileage. With our easy-to-use form designer, you can create digital inspection forms for all asset kinds, schedule maintenance reminders and group defects, and turn service into project tasks to send to company mechanics or external contractors.

Contact us today if you have any questions about how our AI-powered solution may enhance your fleet operations and help you tackle fleet management difficulties in the future. You can also book a demo with us or start a free trial.