How Whip Around can transform your construction business

Construction business is always growing.

With Whip Around, it’s easy to keep ahead of the curve and make better business decisions.

  • Improve DOT compliance by enabling drivers to report their inspections swiftly and more accurately.

  • Streamline the inspection process by ensuring that inspections are undertaken consistently and in a timely fashion. Record-keeping is seamless and errors are minimized.

  • Promote chain of responsibility by helping companies in the heavy vehicle transport industry to increase their focus on activities such as reporting, risk control, and meeting vehicle standard requirements.

Tools for construction business

These are just some of the features construction companies love about Whip Around. 



Manage multiple locations with ease and ensure the correct alerts are going to the right people.

DOT Compliance


Stay on top of compliance with simplified reports and export functionality.

Mobile App


Have your drivers conduct inspections of your vehicles anywhere, anytime via the Whip Around mobile app.



Industry Proven

Why construction business Kimmins loves using Whip Around—Meet Frank Inturrisi. He’s an Operations Manager Maintenance Supervisor that needed a tool to deal with a paper-based administrative nightmare.

The tech-savvy drivers always take photos and it’s great but some don’t as they don’t understand how it helps them showing that there’s something wrong. We’ve had drivers who love it from day 1 and we’ve had drivers who don’t like it at first but soon change their tune.
— Frank Inturrisi, Operations Manager, Kimmins, Tampa, FL

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