Achieve DOT Compliance with the Whip Around App

Have confidence in compliance and always be DOT Audit ready with our simple and easy to use mobile driver app

See how Whip Around Takes the Stress Out of DOT Compliance

Ensure drivers are covering everything required by law with every inspection, and customize your own forms for DOT compliance

Confidence in Compliance

The Whip Around app is specifically designed for FMCSA/DOT compliance. Last inspection sign-off, mechanic signatures and custom workflows to keep you audit-ready.

Accident Reports and Record-Keeping

Give your drivers the right tools to record important details after accidents including the ability to take photos of the scene within the app, all with time, date and GPS stamped accountability for insurance, and DOT accountability.

Easy for drivers to use

Give your drivers an easy to use mobile app to carry out inspections on your fleet. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Select the vehicle, select the form, tap Pass or Fail.

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The DOT shouldn’t be the problem, it’s your solution that’s putting you at risk.

If your DVIRs are on paper, you’re falling behindPaper processes have been proven to take more time, attract more risk, and increase the likelihood of unplanned maintenance. Simply create custom DVIR forms, and get a supercharged DOT-ready App-based inspection process
Automate daily remindersSet up daily reminders to ensure your drivers are conducting their inspections. With Whip Around’s push notifications, you’ll be notified when inspections haven’t been completed, who hasn’t completed them, and which vehicles have not been inspected, putting you back in control of fleet maintenance and compliance.

"Whip Around has given more power to our drivers to ensure that their trucks are in compliance with DOT regulations.The ease of the process has helped us reduce paper and process time to ensure items are fixed quickly."

Jeff PaytonOperations Manager

The DOT-ready app to keep your drivers safe and ensure your fleet’s compliance and profitability

Software to ensure DOT safety

At the core of compliance is safety, keeping vehicles, drivers and other motorists safe should be the priority of any good fleet management process.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind that your vehicles and drivers are safe and that your business is protected from unnecessary risks of liability by centralizing your inspection process with Whip Around.