Paper forms are slowing your business down

Customize powerful digital forms for DVIR, incident or even hook slips and OSHA processes.

Quickly customize forms for any asset or process

Your drivers will follow correct inspection workflows, designed by you for any asset or process. Use our templates or customize your own such as hook slips or incident forms.

Eliminate paper handling and retention

Sync inspection and maintenance data to our online storage in real-time for future reference or retrieval. No matter where you or your fleet is operating - you can take corrective action quickly.

Manage defects through to completion

Identify issues using Whip Around, take pictures and get accountable data to track issues through to completion with internal or external mechanics and techs, no more emails and scanning.

Manage your risks in real-time

Exception reporting for DVIR alerts you when vehicles are on the road without having completed an inspection, and lets you prepare for audits by identifying gaps in your inspection records.

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Ditch the paper books, going digital has an immediate 5:1 ROI!

If your DVIR and compliance processes are still on paper, you’re on the back footPaper processes have been proven to take more time, attract more risk and increase the likelihood of unplanned maintenance and increase OOS and violations.
Whip Around customers manage safer, more productive fleets Driver accountability, real-time information and seamless maintenance processes with mechanics means better compliance and performance.

“Whip Around has taken a difficult to monitor process and put it into a simple application. It makes our management of trucks and driver accountability a breeze.”

John Abrams, Centurion Logistics

Decrease time, cost and risk to increase safety compliance and profitability of your fleet

More than just DVIR

Whip Around outsmarts paper by enabling quick customization for forms and real-time alerts so you can make decisions quickly and safely.

Preventative maintenance reminders

Capture mileage in using the app and receive alerts for important and maintenance jobs due. No more spreadsheets and whiteboards!