The simple, effective approach to fleet maintenance

Simple fleet maintenance software to keep you ahead of the risks.

Customize fleet maintenance schedules

Whether for simple jobs, or more complex full services you can configure schedules and service tasks to suit every asset.

Record and track mileage from the driver’s app

A simple photo of the odometer can automatically trigger an alert that an important service is due

A simple fleet maintenance app - No clunky hardware

Centralize all of your maintenance history and logs for compliance or audit purposes with unlimited online storage of important records

Take action quickly when issues arise

Fleet maintenance managers get alerted to any issues identified by your drivers so you can take immediate action and prevent further costs or risk

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Ditch the spreadsheets and whiteboards, maintenance software that anyone can use

If your vehicle maintenance program is not digital you’re on the back footPaper processes have been proven to take more time, attract more risk and increase the likelihood of unplanned maintenance.
Whip Around customers manage safer, more productive fleets Driver accountability, real-time information and seamless maintenance processes with mechanics means better compliance and performance.

"Whip Around has given more power to our drivers to ensure that their trucks are in compliance with DOT regulations.The ease of the process has helped us reduce paper and process time to ensure items are fixed quickly."

Jeff PaytonOperations Manager

Decrease time, cost and risk to increase safety compliance and profitability of your fleet

Reactive Maintenance

Record and manage defects in real-time as they occur, with pictures and notes to provide the shop with all the information required

Enterprise Fleet maintenance system

No matter the size of your fleet, Whip Around can be configured quickly and easily to track and manage your fleet and asset maintenance needs