Planning a Return to Work? Ensure Driver and Customer Safety

Go digital to reduce paper handling, improve hygiene processes and customer confidence

Go Paperless to Encourage Social Distancing

Whip Around will connect you to your mechanics and drivers digitally at all times, removing the need for paper handling and physical contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep your fleet operations compliant without the need for paper and person-to-person contact.

Real-Time Visibility Of Your Drivers' Health and Wellness

Manage employee wellness through mobile checklists and take decisive action over unwell employees, eliminating the risk of infecting others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 6 feet or 600 miles apart, Whip Around will connect you to your fleet and people.

Track and Document Unexpected Damage

Use mandatory photo cards to ensure vehicle condition is recorded every day. No more passing the blame between drivers — you’ll know when the damage occurred and who is responsible.