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Minimize vehicle breakdowns with Whip Around, the world’s #1 rated fleet maintenance software.

Customer service is at the heart of every successful package delivery business. A reliable service makes for happy customers, so staying on top of fleet maintenance is a no-brainer. But without a robust fleet inspection process, keeping vehicles in tip-top condition is no small feat.

Fleet managers have their work cut out for them, between making sure DVIRs aren’t pencil whipped and tackling undocumented damage. Let’s not forget the hassles of maintaining service records and vehicle cleanliness!

With Whip Around software, you can:

  • Minimize fleet downtime, enabling you to meet even the most time critical courier requests

  • Ensure fleet safety by enabling drivers to complete DVIRs quickly and easily (goodbye, pencil whipping!)

  • Introduce driver accountability for damage and cleanliness

  • Access service details quickly

  • Make better decisions with improved reporting metrics

  • Save money in reactive maintenance and DOT inspection fines

Businesses just like yours are delivering world-class customer service with our software. Get your tour of Whip Around booked in — simply complete the form to the right, and we’ll be in touch!

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