How Whip Around can transform your Services & Trade business

The service industry is tough.

With Whip Around, it’s easy to keep ahead of the curve and make better business decisions.

  • Ability to customize and assign forms for different types of vehicles.

  • Create checklist forms for daily tools you need for the day.

  • Set service level reminders to keep track of planned maintenance.

  • Ensure you fleet is in top condition and you brand is well placed in the market.


Tools for service business

These are just some of the features Service & Trade companies love about Whip Around.




Convert your checklists into digital forms quickly. Choose from templates or duplicate and edit your forms.

DOT Compliance


Stay on top of compliance with simplified reports and export functionality.



Get alerted in real-time when there is a fault reported by your drivers and ensure their safety.



Industry proven

Why service business Island Lighting and Power loves using Whip Around—Meet Craig Scott. He’s a General Manager that found himself with this problem, as paper-based DVIR processes proved too difficult to efficiently manage on a daily basis.

Island Lighting and Power_img.jpg
I’d say Whip Around is really good value for money and it’s saving us loads of time and money with better maintenance of the vehicles. The next step would be incorporating it even deeper within the processes we have with machinery and other checklists. The goal is to get all the data to one place and not three different places.
— Craig Scott, General Manager, Island Lighting & Power, Norfolk, VA

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