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Take Control of Fleet Processes

A Better Way to Ensure Your Trucks and Trailers Are Compliant

For those businesses operating in the trucking and logistics industry, keeping pace with increased customer demand while staying compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)/Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations can be tricky.

Furthermore, these businesses often find that communication on the health of their fleets gets lost in the shuffle and that they experience delays in getting their vehicles repaired quickly as mechanics are not immediately notified of issues identified. With the risk of vehicle downtime, the profitability of a business is also at risk.

With Whip Around fleet inspection and maintenance software, it is easy to scale your business while ensuring faults are fixed promptly, staying compliant with industry mandates, boosting efficiency and maximizing uptime.

Simplify fleet inspections

End paperwork hassles. Customize easy-to-follow DVIR checklists for drivers to complete via an app.

Guarantee integrity

Prove inspections took place with time, date, and location stamped DVIRs and mandatory photos.

Ensure fleet safety

Avoid DOT violations and keep drivers and other road users safe by getting faults fixed promptly.

Stay in control of maintenance

Prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime. Configure reminders for maintenance based on mileage, engine hours, or time.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Leading companies in the trucking and logistics industry are taking control of their fleets with Whip Around.

This software [has been] most helpful in streamlining our vehicle inspections. I get real-time email alerts for vehicle failures and issues. It has eased prioritizing issues for repair and tracking preventive maintenance inspections to ensure they are completed following company guidelines.

Brandon WayneFleet Manager, Republic Parking

We’ve got four divisions, across four different states, and now all of those inspections are under one roof, under one computer. We can keep track of everything.

Judy DuncanBusiness Development Manager, Steve Crawford Trucking

I couldn't imagine a world where this software didn't exist now.

Hal LiebermanOwner, Swede Farms
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The Top 5 Ways Whip Around Can Transform Your Transportation and Logistics Business


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