Whip Around’s Scheduled Reporting gives you tailored insights — with efficiency

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Whip Around’s Scheduled Reporting gives you tailored insights — with efficiency

Whip Around’s robust reporting capabilities have long provided a strategic edge to users of the platform. 

By drilling deep into information pertaining to specific assets, fleet managers have been gathering the up-to-the-minute insights to help them make informed decisions for years.

Now, with the release of its new Scheduled Reporting feature, Whip Around has given fleet managers the ability to automate report delivery. This means it requires even less time and effort to generate reports that can have a huge impact on your fleet’s operations. 

What you should know about Scheduled Reporting

This new function enhances the user experience by providing scheduling options ranging from daily to annual reports — produced automatically. The feature also allows users to fully customize each report and who receives them. 

Key benefits:

  • Schedule several different report types to deliver whenever they need them
  • Ensure that reports are sent out regularly and on time
  • Reallocate time and effort to more critical tasks

As the latest enhancement to Whip Around’s suite of tools, Scheduled Reporting follows the release of Custom Dashboards, which enabled customers to create personalized dashboards comprising a variety of customized charts that illustrate their fleet’s performance in a format that suits their business needs and personal preferences. 

Whip Around prides itself on offering robust and innovative solutions that allow users to replace paper and spreadsheets with streamlined digital processes that ensure compliance, enhance safety and reduce downtime. With Scheduled Reporting, Whip Around aims to save time and ensure consistency, two critical components of effective fleet management. 

What’s next

If you’re a current Whip Around user, check out the Help Center article to get step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Scheduled Reporting. 

If you’re not yet a customer, book a demo to learn how Whip Around can transform your fleet management. 

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