Preventative maintenance scheduling software

Automate your service schedules at scale and take control of fleet maintenance

Never Miss a Service Again

Set up your service schedules in minutes and sit back and wait for Whip Around to tell you when maintenance is due.

Meter and Time Intervals

Schedule services to occur after your vehicles drive a certain distance, run for a set number of hours, or go a specific amount of time since their last service.

Due Soon Threshold Reminders

Set thresholds based on time or distance for when you’d like to be notified about upcoming maintenance.


More Ways to Use Whip Around

Work Order Management

Create powerful work orders from faults and service schedules and assign work to your mechanics with confidence

Cost & Maintenance Tracking

Know the maintenance history of every vehicle in your fleet

DOT/DVIR Compliance

Leading Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and DOT audit software for your fleet


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