Enabling efficiency for the construction industry

Keep Your Construction Fleet Safe, Efficient & Compliant

Streamline your inspections, stay DOT and OSHA compliant, and maximize profitability.


Proactive risk management​

Enable better communication and identify risks early on with proactive notifications.

Take back control

Prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime while simplifying fleet inspections.

Make data-backed decisions​

Get the full picture with real-time and historical data to inform decisions.

Maintain the safety of your people

Ensure heavy vehicle & equipment safety

Create a culture focused on simplicity and safety while optimizing processes to maximize profitability and minimize costs.


Move from reactive to proactive

Identify issues & fix faults swiftly

Get notified as soon as issues are identified so you can take the appropriate steps to resolve them while enhancing communication between you, your drivers, and your mechanics.


Foster a culture of accountability

Compliance outcomes you can be proud of

Remain compliant with numerous FMCSA and DOT regulations. Fleet compliance software ensures your construction machinery maintenance, inspections and reporting comply with the industry’s laws and regulations.

Save time, money and headaches

Avoid the many pitfalls of downtime

When heavy equipment is down, you may need to halt projects or absorb extra costs. Increase your equipment’s uptime, reducing the risk of unnecessary rental expenses or slowed productivity.

Adaptability at its core

Tailored asset management

Our construction equipment management software adapts to your specific construction business needs. Manage assets your way with custom inspection forms and personalized service schedules for vehicles, forklifts, cranes, facilities and any other physical assets.

Total visibility for easy monitoring

Comprehensive maintenance tracking

Ensure every piece of equipment, from heavy machinery to pallet jacks and safety equipment, is running smoothly with Whip Around’s asset maintenance software. Keep all maintenance records up to date and easily accessible.

Benefits of construction equipment
fleet management software

Ensure every piece of equipment, from heavy machinery to safety gear, is running smoothly and in compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulations. Here’s how construction equipment tracking software can help:

Improving safety

Better preventive maintenance processes result in safer equipment and a safer working environment. This means happier, healthier drivers and better CSA scores.

Protecting equipment

Maintaining heavy-duty construction vehicles properly helps prolong the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money in the long run.

Audit preparedness

Access important fleet information, permits and compliance documents in seconds for quick analysis or a surprise visit from the inspector.

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customers are saying

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