Our Story

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Our Story

Whip Around was born in 2016, originally to help freight companies in New Zealand tackle their paper-based compliance burden.

As we have grown, the core of our success can be traced back to our team culture. With personal improvement being as important as our business outcomes, the heart of our continued growth will continue to be our people.

Our People

This is our team – a lot of smiling, happy people who work hard to be the best version of themselves every day.

Our Values

These values aren’t talking points – this is how we continue to grow as individuals and as a team.

Be the Best You

By striving to be the best version of ourselves, we achieve collective success.

Be the Driver

In our passionate pursuit of excellence the work is never done. Adapt, improvise and overcome.

Always Bring Value

We listen, understand our customers’ needs, and empower them to succeed.


We embrace diversity, do our part for the community and value each other.

Our Leadership

With over 100 years of combined experience, a well-seasoned team is at the helm.

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