Fleet Reporting Software

Simple Fleet Reporting Software

Fleet Reporting Software To Identify Trends Across Your Assets

Understand trends, monitor fleet health and uptime, identify issues early, and export compliance reports with ease.

Quickly identify and address risk​

If a driver, team, or region begins missing inspections or underperforming, you can quickly identify the employees that need extra training or attention.

Incentivize drivers for good behavior​

Reward drivers based on behavior: managers can build a culture of safety and compliance by setting up leaderboards and celebrating individual and team wins.


Track and measure mileage​

Whip Around’s OCR technology captures accurate odometer mileage, giving you a reliable reference point for your reporting.

Custom and personalized dashboards

Welcome to your fleet manager dashboard

Access aggregated information and maintenance data about your entire fleet in an intuitive dashboard. Drill down into information about specific assets, and gather the up-to-the-minute insights you need to spot trends and make timely decisions. Our fleet reporting software puts all the information you need at your fingertips, so you can be prepared to decide the right course of action.


Insights across your operations & maintenance

Operational and maintenance reporting

View operational information for your fleet in real time. Easily pull and export fleet management reports on assets, drivers, parts and inventory, service scheduling, and reactive maintenance. This comprehensive fleet management analytics software delivers up-to-the-minute reporting, so you can stay on top of your equipment’s condition and ensure you’re complying with DOT regulations.


No more guessing with data to back your decisions

Identify trends

Report on trends inside your fleet’s inspection and maintenance activity. From inspection completions and out-of-service reports to parts and inventory levels, you’ll be able to identify trending behavior and make smart adjustments to your operations. Our fleet reporting software gives you an exceptional level of visibility across every aspect of your fleet, so you can plan ahead with confidence.


All of your critical reporting in one place

DOT audit or monthly maintenance reporting

Whether you need to provide information for a DOT audit or for monthly maintenance reports to a corporate or carrier you are leasing onto, Whip Around makes it quick, easy, and stress-free. Consolidate your planned service work, inspections, and maintenance history—and digitally export these for whoever requires them. Compliance becomes much simpler and more streamlined when you have our fleet analytics software working behind the scenes for you.


Tailor data reporting to your needs

Custom dashboards and charts

Create personalized dashboards featuring a variety of customized and pre-built charts to get a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s performance. Once you’re happy, you can easily export them for analyzing and sharing. By presenting you and your stakeholders with detailed fleet maintenance reports, our fleet reporting software makes it easy to find out exactly what’s going on with your assets at any given time.


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