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Complete fleet maintenance software for vehicles and equipment

Whip Around makes maintaining your fleet effortless. No more sorting through paper or spreadsheets and stay on top of asset maintenance with an easy-to-use platform.

Preventative maintenance that drives overall fleet health​

Timely information is the key to effective fleet maintenance. We help you monitor all of your vehicles and equipment with ease.

Decrease downtime & reduce cost of running equipment​

Discover problems before they arise and avoid unexpected downtime while ensuring your equipment stays in tip-top shape.

Increase equipment lifespan and log every maintenance interaction​

Stay equipped to perform regular, timely service on your equipment with a no-hassle workflow.

Move from reactive to proactive

Preventative maintenance scheduling

Set up service schedules for each asset based on distance traveled, hours run, or time in service in a few clicks. You won’t have to worry about manually tracking when it’s time for service – we’ll notify you when service is due.

Full visibility into equipment defects

Work orders, digitized

When a defect is found, creating an electronic work order for in-house or external mechanics is no problem. Whip Around even lets you know if a vehicle or machine has outstanding faults that can be added to the work order.

Never run out of what you need

Parts & inventory tracking

Whip Around makes inventory management a breeze. Add parts to work orders and see their associated cost with repairs and service. When a part gets added to a work order, it’s instantly subtracted from your inventory.

Maintain a detailed history with ease

Service history

Keeping a detailed service history shouldn’t require documenting physical inspection forms and work orders in a spreadsheet. With Whip Around, service histories are updated automatically and easily accessible.

Know who did what

Mechanic sign-off

Corrected faults require a mechanic’s signature. Mechanics provide an e-signature right in the app, adding it to an asset’s profile. Instantly access an asset’s service history, along with the mechanic who performed the service.

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