Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Powerful Fleet Maintenance Software

Improve Fleet Health with Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

It’s easy to keep your fleet in good working order thanks to Whip Around’s preventative maintenance scheduling capabilities. Keep your team on track and ensure necessary tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

Achieve greater efficiency

Automate key maintenance tasks to prevent unexpected breakdowns and keep your fleet running safely and on schedule.

Reduce fleet downtime

Our preventative maintenance software ensures that your team catches defects that could become big problems down the road.

Extend equipment lifespan

Manage your planned preventive maintenance schedule to keep your assets in good shape for as long as possible, maximizing ROI.

Put manual processes to bed

Automated service tracking

Forget keeping tabs on maintenance tasks using pen and paper. Our preventive maintenance schedule software keeps track of everything automatically to minimize human error or oversights leading to missed repairs. 

Customize your plan for each asset

Flexible service scheduling

Our fleet maintenance software allows you to set up service based on each piece of equipment’s needs. Create a customized schedule based on an asset’s specific distance traveled, hours run or time in service. 

Stay organized at all times

Track parts & inventory

One of the most important elements of our fleet inspection software is the ability to manage parts and inventory. You’ll always know what’s in stock, what needs to be ordered and all of the associated costs.

Always be safe and compliant

Protect your workforce

Broken-down equipment is more than frustrating — it’s dangerous. Scheduling necessary maintenance with our software minimizes the chance of serious accidents or vehicle failures and ensures fleet compliance.

What our fleet maintenance customers are saying

Don’t take it from us. See what leading brands across the globe are saying about Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software.


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