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Fuel management & tracking software for your fleet

Improve your fleet’s efficiency by monitoring fuel usage in real time while easily identifying areas to reduce costs.

Maximize profitability with fuel cost tracking​

Identify potential fuel theft by analyzing driver behavior and fuel costs in real time.

Improve fleet efficiency with real-time fuel monitoring​

Get more accurate total cost of ownership across your fleet.

Have the right data to drive better decision making​

See all of your fuel costs so you can see the impact of price changes.

Enabling real-time, data-driven decision making

Maximize profitability with fuel cost tracking

Track fuel costs, identify potential fuel theft, and implement a fuel card program to increase financial benefits.

Gain visibility of fuel usage across your fleet

Analyze fuel consumption data

Fleet managers can analyze fuel consumption data over time to identify trends and areas for improvement, such as identifying drivers or vehicles with high fuel consumption.

Never run out of what you need

Monitor fuel usage in real time

The fuel tracking module enables fleet managers to track fuel consumption for individual vehicles, drivers, and routes, providing real-time fuel usage data.

Maintain a detailed history with ease

Automate fuel data entry

Keeping a detailed service history shouldn’t require documenting physical inspection forms and work orders in a spreadsheet. With Whip Around, service histories are updated automatically and easily accessible.

Know who did what

Identify fuel-saving opportunities

Corrected faults require a mechanic’s signature. Mechanics provide an e-signature right in the app, adding it to an asset’s profile. Instantly access an asset’s service history, along with the mechanic who performed the service.

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Have all of your fuel data in one place.

Fuel usage & consumption data in one easy to use platform. See for yourself.