Waste & Recycling

Be efficient and sustainable

Paperless waste management fleet maintenance solutions

Streamline your inspection and DVIR process and take control of preventative maintenance with Whip Around’s easy-to-use platform.

Say goodbye to paper​

Save by going digital and get rid of the paper hassles (and papercuts).

Streamline your fleet maintenance​

With scheduled reminders, take the guesswork out of maintenance.

Increase accountability​

Gain total fleet visibility and control while streamlining team communications.

Raise the bar by going digital

Simplify your fleet inspection process

Get rid of the endless hassles of paperwork. Customize your DVIR and inspection checklists and include mandatory photos with our simple and easy-to-use app.

Maintain the safety of your people and assets

Real-time notifications, reminders and schedules

Prevent unnecessary downtime with Whip Around’s fleet maintenance app thanks to real time notifications and reminders to maximize uptime.

Catch issues before they become problems

Identify defects and track workflows

Collect inspection data and immediately make it available to authorized users, streamlining the process to ensure your fleet remains as productive as possible. 

Tailored solutions to unique problems

Ideal for waste management fleets

We know that keeping responsibilities and regulations straight can a significant challenge. Waste and recycling fleet management gets much easier with the right fleet maintenance software.

Why use waste management fleet maintenance software?

Fleet maintenance software offsets common challenges by streamlining processes, promoting safety, ensuring compliance, and keeping vehicles in top working order. Whip Around’s software can help your waste management fleet accomplish this:


Our fleet maintenance and inspection software allows for specialized forms used by waste management businesses to comply with safety and procedural protocols.

DVIR Compliance:

Whip Around’s fleet management software allows drivers to easily complete DVIR paperwork from the convenience of a smartphone anytime and anywhere.


Whip Around automatically syncs the web-based dashboard with drivers’ smartphones to provide real-time alerts, leaderboards, and analytics.

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