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Whip Around fleet compliance software identifies risks and preventative maintenance issues in real time to ensure your fleet stays ahead of DOT and other fleet requirements.


Stay audit-ready at all times​

Whip Around alerts you of license expirations and renewals in advance, so you always have plenty of time to remain compliant.

Lower your CSA score​

Our preventive maintenance and fleet compliance software reduces the risk of vehicle maintenance violations, helping you keep your CSA score as low as possible.

Own your safety management cycle​

Whip Around is your mobile, digital fleet compliance solution that makes it easy to assess the state of your fleet’s safety and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Real-time alerts so you're never behind

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Ensure DVIR compliance with missed inspection alerts, digital record retention, and e-signature prompts for drivers, mechanics and fleet managers. Our fleet compliance software streamlines the record-keeping process so drivers don’t have to worry about filling out paper reports or misplacing important information.


Stay ahead of your CSA score

Vehicle maintenance BASIC compliance (CSA/DOT)

Whip Around makes it easy to stay ahead of your CSA score. Drivers and mechanics can connect on inspections, repairs, and scheduled maintenance, and our cloud data storage gives managers everything they need to identify, review, report on, and improve safety and compliance processes. With the help of our fleet compliance solutions, you can improve your CSA score and reduce the risk of accidents by identifying defects early.


Pull up any record in a snap

Digital record retention

Ensure you have all required documents available at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s asset inventory information, maintenance intervals, completed maintenance records, or driver inspection reports, you’ll have it at your fingertips from any location. Our comprehensive fleet compliance software allows you to set reminders for periodic inspections and renewals so you never miss a beat.


Maintain access to your critical documents

Roadside document access

Missing documents can damage your CSA score and lead to fines, but the Whip Around app gives your drivers access to critical fleet documents at roadside enforcement stops. Drivers can access driver records, insurance, registration, periodic inspections, or trailer docs instantly from their mobile devices. This fleet compliance platform ensures your drivers will never be caught flat-footed when they encounter law enforcement.


Easily send info for DOT audits

DOT audit or monthly maintenance reporting

Whip Around lets you quickly and easily access and send information for DOT audits and monthly maintenance reports. You can consolidate and digitally export your planned service work, inspections, and maintenance history, and send that information to whoever needs it—all from the Whip Around platform to ensure fleet compliance. Fleets of all sizes use our trucking compliance software to stay ahead of the game.


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