Fleet Inspection Software

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Vehicle Inspection Software That Keeps You Compliant While Cutting Costs

Easily manage and track daily inspections (pre- and post-trips) while reducing the cost and hassle of paper.

Meet compliance requirements​

Timely information is the key to effective fleet maintenance. Our fleet inspection services and software help you monitor all of your vehicles and equipment with ease.

Keep your employees safe

Discover problems before they arise and avoid unexpected downtime while ensuring your equipment stays in tip-top shape.

Increase accountability

Stay equipped to perform regular, timely service on your equipment with a no-hassle workflow.

Know asset conditions in real time

Vehicle inspection app for drivers

Know the condition of your assets in real time. Drivers complete DOT-compliant fleet inspections on their mobile device. Results are delivered to the cloud for easy access, notifying you instantly if any faults are found so you can take action.

Personalize reports with a custom solution

Custom digital inspection forms

Choose from a library of templated forms or create your own. You can easily tweak our forms to meet your fleet’s unique needs, or create your own forms from scratch. Never worry about lost or damaged reports again.

Snap, upload, done

Photo capture for better documentation

Incorporate photos into your digital reports for greater accountability. Drivers can upload images taken from their phone of potential issues or faults, or just to show they’ve done a 360º walkaround.

Moving from reactive to proactive

Mileage and hours tracking

Drivers document vehicle mileage by pointing their phone’s camera at the odometer. Whip Around’s optical character recognition tool captures that info, adds it to the vehicle profile, and alerts you when maintenance is due.

Easy access to historical and real time data

Cloud storage and easy reporting

Corrected faults require a mechanic’s signature. Mechanics provide an e-signature right in the app, adding it to an asset’s profile. Instantly access an asset’s service history, along with the mechanic who performed the service.

Additional Benefits of Our Fleet Inspection Software

Not only can our vehicle inspection software improve driver safety and reduce maintenance costs, but it also has the potential to benefit your operations in other ways. These include:


Greater Driver Compliance:

Using paper processes, it's so easy for drivers to make mistakes or pencil-whip pre-trip inspection forms. Using our vehicle inspection software on a mobile phone makes it easier for drivers to perform inspections and allows managers to hold them accountable.

Streamlined Record-Keeping:

With paper forms and logs, details often get lost in the shuffle. Digital fleet vehicle inspection allows you to store and manage records in the cloud, so you’ll always know where to find accurate, up-to-date information about each asset and driver.

Thorough Inspection Processes:

Using the Whip Around app means drivers have a complete list of all elements that need to be inspected in the palms of their hands. This way, fleet managers know every critical detail will be checked with comprehensive photo and/or video documentation.

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