Passenger Transportation

Transform your fleet management

Ensure a smooth ride for passengers with streamlined transit fleet maintenance software

Enhance the customer experience, reduce your fleet’s downtime and minimize unnecessary repair costs with our software for your passenger transport company.

Increase driver accountability​

Save money in insurance claims while holding drivers accountable with our easy-to-use app.

Streamline your fleet management​

Customize DVIRs for drivers to complete and prove inspections took place with time, data, location stamps & photos.

Deliver a first-class customer experiences​

Don't let your fleet downtime affect your customers experience.

Digital fleet inspections

Simplify your fleet inspection process

Get rid of the endless hassles of paperwork. Customize your DVIR and inspection checklists for drivers to complete with our simple and easy-to-use app.

Maintain the safety of your drivers and customers

Preventative maintenance made simple

With real time notifications, reminders and preventative maintenance scheduling, you can have the confidence to provide consistent first-class customer experiences.

Get help navigating complex challenges

Ensure DOT compliance

Whip Around provides everything you need to stay on track with maintenance, inspections and documentation to ensure your drivers and vehicles are always in compliance.

How else can transit fleet maintenance software help?

Prioritizing safety

Keep your vehicles in prime condition to prevent breakdowns and dangerous situations. Our software streamlines inspection and preventative maintenance processes to ensure safety is always prioritized.

Equipment lifespan

Transit vehicles are hefty investments, making it important to maximize their lifespan. Automate maintenance programs to prevent small issues from becoming costly problems.

Minimizing downtime

By streamlining preventive maintenance scheduling, automating work orders, tracking parts & inventory and maintaining a detailed service history, you’ll maximize each asset’s uptime and productivity.

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Transform your passenger business with Whip Around.

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