Whip Around Adds New Maintenance Offering to Fast Growing Vehicle Inspection Platform

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Whip Around Adds New Maintenance Offering to Fast Growing Vehicle Inspection Platform

Whip Around, the leading fleet inspection software provider, has today introduced Whip Around Maintain, a feature enabling fleet and asset managers to stay in control of vehicle maintenance, preventing unnecessary repairs and downtime.

Using unique Optical Character Recognition technology, drivers simply take photos of their vehicle’s odometer or engine hours. The app automatically scans photos for the data and syncs it to the Whip Around dashboard for mileage or usage tracking against assets.

Furthermore, fleet managers can use Whip Around Maintain to build preventative maintenance schedules based on mileage, engine hours or time intervals, and configure automatic reminders for themselves, mechanics and drivers.

Tim Boyle, Co-CEO of Whip Around, said: “We worked with our customers in building this logical expansion of our product. Over 70% of our customers were using Whip Around to track mileage and to schedule and action preventative maintenance work for compliance or to support the resale value of assets.”

He added: “We explored the current offerings in the market and saw the opportunity to build a more simple and intuitive feature set that plugs in alongside our current inspection platform.”

The new product feature is available as an added module in the Whip Around platform.

Click here to discover more about Whip Around Maintain or to book a demo.

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