All About Equipment Maintenance Software

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All About Equipment Maintenance Software

Working with additional software to handle the maintenance of your equipment comes with a handful of benefits. Maintenance management software may not seem like something that is at the top of your mind, but it will help your overall operating procedure down the line. Yet what does equipment maintenance software actually do? Well, it’s a software and a platform that helps keep track of your equipment and, more importantly, ensure that it’s being properly maintained and checked at appropriate intervals.

Having equipment maintenance software will help out in a variety of different industries, specifically centered around transportation, manufacturing or construction. All of which are industries that tend to have equipment that would benefit the most from this type of software.

What are the Benefits of using Equipment Maintenance Software?

First and foremost, you’re heading on the path of efficiency when you’re utilizing equipment maintenance software. The entire tracking process is now digitized and reduces issues with poor record-keeping or, even worse, misplaced record-keeping.  Equipment maintenance software also helps showcase any errors, either through input error or oversight and leads to having a trackable audit system to correct any issues.

At the same time, having this level of consistency reveals if there is a serious problem and prevents major issues from occurring. Equipment maintenance software saves time and money on costly repairs while simultaneously working to keep the equipment lasting as long as it should last. Long term that means less need for replacements and more time operating. 

There are various benefits to using this maintenance management software. One of the main benefits is increased efficiency. By tracking and managing equipment electronically, businesses can avoid the need for manual record-keeping and reduce the risk of errors and oversights. This can help to streamline equipment management processes and free up time and resources that can be used elsewhere in the business.

You will have a better return on asset (ROA) because of equipment management software, not just with the equipment itself but with those tasked to maintain the equipment. Since the equipment is going to be used properly and improve safety, management can allocate more time to less maintenance-related tasks, continuing to improve the efficiency of the business.

Features of Equipment Maintenance Software

Now that we see what type of benefits equipment maintenance software provides, let’s take a look at some of the core features they come with.

​Better tracking of your equipment

When setting up your equipment maintenance software, you also track all the equipment and physical assets in one centralized database. That means you’re producing a single source of data for all of the company assets. Tracking helps with equipment maintenance and provides information to other departments, such as finance, to cross-check their balance sheets. For example, the number of assets, as well as procurement, so accountants know exactly where to go and see if there needs to be new equipment ordered.

In addition, tracking equipment helps scale your operations as necessary. With that single source of data, you’ll be able to maintain efficiency levels as you connect this information with your production and sales information.

​Work Order Flows Done Right

Whether an issue just came up through a ticket or not, now is the time to set up a maintenance and repair check with professionals, the right type of equipment maintenance software will enable you to allocate resources. Software will also help ensure tasks or projects are assigned to a mechanic and track when equipment is serviced. 

Finally, having the right type of customizations of reminders and alerts can help notify those responsible for equipment maintenance when an issue is detected. Notifications remind drivers to maintain the equipment instead of relying on memory if the vehicle needs to have maintenance completed. 

​Predictive Maintenance

As time passes, a lot of information will start to mount up in your equipment maintenance software. This will help produce sound reporting and analytics and start to predict and recommend when certain equipment needs to be checked. For example, you should be able to tell if your check-ins are efficiently selected or if check-ins need to be changed due to past history.

You can also check other items, such as how long it takes to get someone to repair the equipment as well as complete the repair. These data points and equipment history help to shape stronger maintenance schedules based on your specific needs.

How to Select the Right Equipment Maintenance Software for your Business

The selection process comes across with any type of new system implementation. You want to build out a pre-checklist to see what type of capabilities you have in-house and what additional resources you’ll need. First, stick to a budget and shop around for the best options that will work within your budget and, eventually, your needs.

Then focus on compatibility. Do you already have some type of WMS, ERP, CRM or other systems, and are you looking to integrate a third-party solution? Consider if there are APIs or native integrators to help ensure a smooth transition and communicate properly with your systems.

Finally, you want to ensure that the equipment maintenance software is either ready to work with your business or customizable enough to cover all those specific equipment needs you might have for your business.

Implementing and using Equipment Maintenance Software:

Once you are ready to implement this maintenance management software, remember to note the challenges beforehand. The level of complexity depends on any existing systems and your system’s compatibility. For example, you may be already using a SaaS solution, and implementing equipment maintenance software may be as simple as purchasing an add-on. Or you’re looking for fully customized bespoke software, which will require development, project and product management, and a proper roadmap to ensure the success of the development and launch. Of course, working with the least resistance path is always best, but if custom development is necessary, consider working with professional developer houses.

On top of just implementation from a technical standpoint, there’s integration with the current business operations. That means ensuring a proper training schedule for key personnel and the initial import of data from all the existing equipment. Training means establishing the proper process and procedures for employees to follow and maximizing the utilization of the software effectively.

A Solid Example of Equipment Maintenance Software

We can look at a manufacturing plant that produces a variety of items. The equipment is used to produce, refine and pack the product in different plant areas. Equipment maintenance software is an excellent addition to implement because software will show not only all the plant equipment but their current health and age. With key information and so many moving parts in manufacturing, this maintenance management software helps to know when to replace or maintain any equipment and not to shut down the production line.

Understanding more about equipment maintenance software will help you see the benefits and features of adopting software while simultaneously helping to secure any funding or budget necessary for implementation. In a fast-paced industry, digitizing records and maintenance schedules that the business already has to do can be structured much more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safer.

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