For Naegeli Transportation, Seamless Communication Means Fewer Roadblocks

“With Whip Around, I can keep everybody in the company informed about inspection problems if I want to. It’s great at reminding people, allowing you to easily check and see that inspections are done daily.”

-IT Manager Dennis Martin 

A heavy haul truck.
  • Huge improvement in team communications
  • More reliable, easier-to-access data
  • Better, more efficient inspections

Established in 1956, Naegeli Transportation is a full-service trucking company that specializes in moving construction equipment and industrial machinery. As the business has diversified over time, the equipment they haul has expanded to include a variety of oversized, overweight, over-height and over-length materials.

Today, their fleet consists of 63 trucks and more than 150 types of trailers that regularly hit the road. As a heavy haul company with a high DOT rating, they pride themselves on safety, compliance and professionalism.

The Challenge

With an extensive arsenal of large assets, Naegeli Transportation needs reliable systems to ensure their inspection and maintenance processes run smoothly and reflect accurate, up-to-date information at all times.

As IT Manager, Dennis Martin is responsible for identifying and implementing technology needs, supporting hours of service and installing hardware into the trucks. He also set ups and manages systems and accounts for users, like drivers and mechanics, ensuring these tools are being leveraged effectively.

A few years ago, the digital tool he and his team were using for inspections and maintenance just wasn’t getting the job done.

“With inspections, the most important part is when you find something wrong, it’s getting fixed quickly,” Martin said. “Before, we had an issue with the right people getting the right information to be able to fix things.”

If a defect was found on a truck, emails might be exchanged, but there was no formal follow-up system. Customer support felt nonexistent at times. Communication was limited to one or two users, which simply didn’t work for a company of their size. And if the driver hopping into a truck was different from the previous day’s driver, there was no reliable way for him to quickly get up to speed on its condition.

The Solution

The ability to streamline communication across his team was paramount, not only to keep each person informed of issues in real time, but to ensure follow up on those issues. Martin and his team gave Whip Around a try based on the recommendation of a technology partner, and they quickly realized the software solved those problems.

“With Whip Around, I can keep everybody in the company informed about inspection problems if I want to. That’s the big one,” Martin said. “It’s great at reminding people, allowing you to easily check and see that inspections are done daily, and to look at yesterday’s inspection before you take the truck.”

Because they conduct different inspections for equipment with and without trailers, the ability to use custom forms is imperative. This functionality offers his team a dependable way to gather critical data that can be accessed and verified at any time.

“We customize both of our inspections, and put the questions in exactly how we want them,” Martin said. “We added the odometer tool as well, which is really handy for mileage reports.”

Compliance is a key concern for fleets, and Naegeli Transportation is no exception. Making inspection and maintenance available for easy retrieval in the event of an accident or audit has proven invaluable.

“When somebody has an accident, the lawyers will be trying to discover everything,” Martin said. “We like the information to be right there.”

Throughout the relationship with Whip Around, Martin has appreciated the high-quality customer support and commitment to ongoing product improvement he has experienced.

“With Whip Around, it’s excellent customer service. Everything is seamless. I like the looks of it, the way it’s designed,” he said. “They keep adding more features that I didn’t have before.”

Boost Your Fleet Inspection Process with Whip Around

If paper processes and inefficient maintenance systems are making fleet operation and DOT compliance more difficult than it needs to be, then it’s time to schedule a Whip Around demo or start a free trial today.