Monster Tree Service Improves Safety in the Field and Takes Proactive Approach to Maintenance

“We genuinely care about the welfare of our employees and Whip Around is helping us ensure that our employees are staying safe, that is something that I cannot put a number on”

  • Increased uptime due to standardizing equipment maintenance
  • Visibility to plan better while improving safety
  • Proactive maintenance workflows

Monster Tree Services of North Charlotte prides itself on delivering the highest quality service to its customers. From simple shaping and pruning to emergency tree removal services and storm damage cleanup the work is varied and the dependence on a reliable fleet of vehicles and equipment is critical to the operation. When your mission is to be professional, courteous, and on time, you need to be able to rely on your vehicles.

Working with heavy machinery in dangerous environments carries a lot of risks and the safety of their crew is the top priority for Business Owner, Chris Brown who says that their “expensive, complicated equipment is really put through the wringer” and that in the tree services industry maintenance is super important. 

“OSHA has identified tree care as being the most dangerous profession in the US” – Chris Brown.

Before finding Whip Around, paper-based processes were at the center of their repair and maintenance program and in their own words they were hardly being used, “if you found something wrong, it basically just didn’t work that day” says crew leader Sal. 

Put simply, “the old process was like the stone ages,” says General Manager, Zach Connell. 

Now, Whip Around gives Monster Tree Services visibility on vehicle and equipment location, condition, what work is due, and what has been completed. This visibility has enabled them to plan better, improve safety, and be less reactive to maintenance, which is significantly more cost-effective than ad hoc repair work. This also means a more reliable service, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction says Chris who strives to be the favorite tree service provider in the area. 

“There was no feedback loop to know if the maintenance was actually done. We just had to hope it was being done. Whip Around’s software eliminated virtually all of that” – Chris Brown.

Maintenance scheduling, alerts, and reminders on what work is due allow the allocation of equipment to be planned around jobs and maintenance downtime to be optimized, getting more achieved while assets are in for service work or repair. 

Out in the field, Whip Around’s mobile app unlocks custom inspection forms for Monster Tree Service’svehicles, equipment, and even their onsite safety assessments. Once completed, managers instantly receive inspection reports in the Whip Around dashboard,  alerting them to damaged equipment within minutes of the damage happening. With real-time defect information, managers can react quickly, accelerating their repair and parts ordering process, improving equipment uptime, and mitigating possible risks to their team in the field.

“We genuinely care about the welfare of our employees and Whip Around is helping us ensure that our employees are staying safe, that is something that I cannot put a number on” Chris Brown.

Monster Tree has evolved from ineffective paper-based maintenance processes, into a safer, more efficient operation that services happier customers. With Whip Around, they have taken control of their fleet maintenance processes, gotten ahead of costly repairs and parts replacements, and improved visibility around safety and compliance.

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