Construction Fleet Management Software

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Construction Fleet Management Software

It’s no secret that construction fleet management is a complex and important task. It can be hard to keep everything straight between managing workers, ensuring equipment is properly maintained, and tracking vehicles and tools. It is even difficult because construction equipment is often spread across multiple job sites. Managing a construction fleet can be challenging, from keeping track of assets to ensuring they operate efficiently. This is where construction fleet management software comes in handy.

Construction fleet management software can help solve these problems by providing detailed construction fleet tracking information. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of using software for fleet management.

Managing Construction Fleet

A construction fleet is a group of vehicles used for construction purposes. Various industries use them, including construction companies, mining companies, and environmental remediation firms. Companies use various vehicles in their daily operations, from heavy-duty trucks to forklifts, excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. The larger the company, the higher the number of fleet trucks.

Large construction companies may have a dedicated fleet management team to oversee the maintenance and repair of construction vehicles. Smaller companies may rely on in-house staff or outside contractors to manage their fleets. Regardless of the size of the company, fleet management is essential.

Parts for the Equipment 

Over time, different parts of the vehicles will need replacement. Construction equipment is subject to a lot of wear and tear, which can take a toll on its parts. The most common parts that need to be replaced are:

  • Tires: They are subject to a lot of wear and tear, especially if the vehicle is used on rough terrain.
  • Brakes: They need to be replaced when they start to wear down to ensure the safety of the vehicle.
  • Filters: Filters, such as air filters and oil filters, need to be replaced periodically to ensure the vehicle is running efficiently.
  • Batteries: Batteries will eventually need to be replaced, as they lose their ability to hold a charge.
  • Belts and hoses: Belts and hoses can wear out over time and need replacement.

Relying on the right fleet maintenance software can help you keep track of when these replacements are due. The software can generate reports that show when a particular part needs to be replaced. This information helps plan for the replacement and budget for the cost.


Safety is always a top priority in construction. Construction fleet management plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of employees and equipment. Fleet management can help improve safety through:

  • Fleet preventative maintenance: Through construction fleet tracking, fleet management software ensures vehicles are properly maintained and up to date on their preventive maintenance. It identifies potential problems before they become serious.
  • Inspection and repair: Fleet maintenance software establishes that vehicles are properly inspected and repaired promptly. This helps avoid major problems and accidents.
  • Driver training: It ensures drivers are properly trained on how to operate fleets safely. It includes training on how to avoid accidents and handle vehicles in different situations. Fleet management software can help track and manage driver records. Through this, only qualified and safe drivers are retained.

Construction Fleet Management Software

Construction fleet management is the process of organizing and coordinating construction vehicles and personnel. Construction fleet management software is a tool that helps managers and drivers do this. The software can benefit managers by giving them a way to track and manage the fleet while drivers can stay organized and efficient.

Some of the most popular construction fleet management software include:

  • Whip Around: Whip Around is a cloud-based fleet management software that helps managers keep their fleet compliant and safe. It includes features such as maintenance scheduling, vehicle tracking, and driver management.
  • Samsara: It provides GPS vehicle tracking and driver management.
  • Verizon Connect: It does maintenance scheduling and vehicle tracking through high-resolution maps.

Heavy Equipment Fleet Management Software 

A maintenance checklist is essential for any business that runs a fleet of vehicles. Here are four essential maintenance forklift fleet checklists:

  • Regular Maintenance Schedule
  • Inspections
  • Repair and Maintenance Records
  • Emergency Preparedness

Forklift management involves more than tracking the location of each machine and when it needs maintenance. An effective fleet management system will streamline operations and improve the bottom line. Managers can keep track of utilization rates and use data to their advantage.

Forklift fleet management software is a tool that helps managers keep track of their fleet. It helps with forklift maintenance, scheduling, and safety. The software can also generate reports that show when a particular forklift needs replacement, making the management process easier.

Construction Equipment Telematics

Construction equipment telematics is the use of technology to track and manage construction fleets. Its benefits include:

  • Improved safety through proper maintenance. 
  • Reliable job cost estimates.
  • Facilitates asset allocation in various job sites.
  • Prompt maintenance and repair management.
  • Improved operator performance.
  • Reduced theft and operating expenses.

Equipment 360

Equipment 360 is a comprehensive program that helps organizations keep track of their equipment and ensure it is being used properly. The program includes sensors that attach to the equipment and track its usage, as well as software that helps managers track and analyze data. 

Whip Around

Whip Around is the perfect tool for construction fleet management needs. It helps manage maintenance schedules, keep track of equipment utilization, and monitor inventory levels. All this information is readily available in one system, making it easy to make decisions about the fleet.

Construction fleet management software is a tool that helps managers keep their fleet compliant and safe. Fleet management software programs have different features that can benefit the organization. Whip Around is a comprehensive program and a perfect tool for construction fleet management needs. Book a demo today and learn how to protect your fleet’s health.

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