Construction Fleet Work Orders and Digitalized Records

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Construction Fleet Work Orders and Digitalized Records

A five-second inconvenience can be the determining factor over whether or not a task gets completed. To start good habits it is important to add the five seconds of convenience or to break bad habits, add five seconds of inconvenience.

The majority of paperwork gets misplaced because taking the time to turn in a document like a DVIR feels like an inconvenience with few consequences. Even the best employees can fall victim to this fallacy. Construction fleet maintenance software adds more than five seconds of convenience to start good habits. Simplified work orders and digitized records guarantee that those critical moments are used to get important tasks completed. 

Work Order Cycle and Process

In order to complete the work order cycle, paperwork has to be passed through a series of approvals and mechanical sign-offs. The longer a vehicle is in the process the longer the vehicle is in downtime, rather than being utilized. The work order cycle can be convoluted. To keep vehicles operational, the work order process needs to be efficient. Construction fleet maintenance software automates work orders so that mechanics receive the work order in real-time. Once the vehicle has been serviced, the sign-off signature can be obtained with the mechanic’s e-signature. Construction fleet maintenance software simplifies the work order process and provides digital records.

Why Digitize Records?

Paperwork is difficult to store. Unless someone is constantly organizing and auditing paperwork, the filing cabinet will never be perfect. In an industry where one document can be the difference between a lawsuit, being able to access a report from a specific day is critical. In the trucking and construction industry, an accident is bound to happen at some point. Management has a duty of care to make sure those vehicles are in the best condition, and most importantly safe. If an inevitable accident does occur, the business will need to provide proof that they were upholding their duty of care. Paper trails are hard to track but digital records make access to documents such as DVIRs feasible.


The document will also need to be accessible for audits and DOT compliance. Preserving accessible documents will improve the company’s ability to meet DOT, OSHA, and FMCSA requirements. Sustaining compliance standards boosts safety and reputability. 

Construction Fleet Maintenance Software 

Keeping vehicle workflow efficient in construction is a time-consuming process. Construction fleet software improves the pain points that hurt equipment productivity. Work orders are digitized so that paperwork does not get lost when getting passed around for approvals. Mechanical defects are also detected so that vehicles can be serviced before a major issue. Scheduling preventative maintenance is automated based on the hours and miles used on the vehicle. Once construction fleet maintenance software is set up, drivers do not have to worry about the next maintenance. The software does all the work and sends alerts when the vehicle is ready for the next maintenance check. 

Whip Around

When purchasing construction fleet maintenance software, it is important to make sure the software is compatible. Whip around provides an app that can be downloaded to any smartphone. Whip Arounds platform is easy to adopt into the old system and is intuitive for employees to use. Drivers and mechanics can easily connect with each other. Documents and DVIRs are also stored digitally for easy access. Overall, Whip Around meets compliance, reporting, inspection, and maintenance needs. 

Island Lighting and Power Work Flow

As a unique specialty, Island Lighting and Power (ILP) relies on vehicles and heavy equipment to complete lighting projects. Island Lighting and Power is located in Massachusetts, primarily focused on providing high-voltage outdoor overhead lighting. In order to service their large and small clients, equipment must be readily available and reliable. 

Ineffective WorkFlow before Software

Island Lighting and Power started off as a small, one-truck company. Over the years, Island lighting gained 54 vehicles, which included specialized heavy equipment. Island Lighting and Power quickly learned that tracking and maintaining a fleet that size is difficult to manage efficiently. Island Lighting and Power was strained on the workflow and had numerous pain points in maintaining a large fleet. Tracking DVIRs was out of hand, with 25% of drivers not even turning in the report. Vehicles were not being properly maintained and supplies were not being stocked. The company also reported problems with tracking maintenance, miles, and usage. 

Workflow After Whip Around

Island Lighting and Power made the decision to find a solution to their fleet maintenance issues. The company upgraded its system to paperless software. Whip Around proved to have a return on investment for Island Lighting and Power. Major DVIR problems the company had encountered were being accounted for by Whip Around. Workers were held accountable for turning in their inspections. Island Lighting and Power say a turnaround in workflow management. Visibility made compliance much more efficient and feasible for managers. Work orders for maintenance had been streamlined, improving overall vehicle uptime. 

Island Lighting and Power cut off the five seconds of inconvenience to work orders and turning in paperwork. Construction fleet maintenance software has automated work orders that detect defects and track mileage, simplifying the work order cycle. Digitizing records increases visibility and takes the pain out of DVIRs. To implement an efficient process, Whip Around is the solution.

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