Convert Your Paper Check Sheets to Digital Forms in Minutes

Whip Around’s powerful drag and drop form builder puts you and your drivers in control of fleet inspections

Filter and Select From Our Template Library

Choose a pre-made form from our extensive template library for any type of asset you need regular inspections carried out on. Our library of templates can be filtered by industry such as Mining, Construction, and Trucking and Logistics, or by purpose such as DVIR, Inspections, and Health and Safety.

Customize Your Templates to Get the Information You Need

Whip Around lets you set different response types for your template, such as mileage and engine hours, single and multi-check, text boxes, multiple-choice and signature. You can also assign different forms to different types of assets to avoid confusion for your drivers and also turn notifications on or off depending on fault severity. 

Turn On Compliance Settings for Peace of Mind

Exception reporting can quickly show you where your risk lies. Quickly and easily find the gaps in your DVIR history so you can do what’s required to stay compliant. We’ll also send you and your drivers alerts and reminders so that inspections get done.


More Ways to Use Whip Around

Mobile App

Let your drivers be your eyes in the field and react quickly to fleet issues as they arise

Fault Management

Ensure your fleet is kept in tip-top condition and operating safely on the road

Preventative Maintenance

Automate your service schedules at scale and take control of fleet maintenance