Take the Pain Out of DOT Compliance

Leading Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and DOT audit software for your fleet

Driver Accountability

Take the hassle out of managing your DVIR compliance process. No more pencil whipping from drivers with time, date, and GPS stamped reports.

Compliance with Confidence

Designed to meet the requirements of the FMCSA for DVIR, with the required signatures, displaying last inspections reports and closing the loop back to the driver around defects corrected.



Focus on What Matters

Exception reporting can quickly show you where your risk lies. Quickly and easily find the gaps in your DVIR history so you can do what’s required to stay compliant. We’ll also send alerts and reminders to you and your drivers so that inspections get done.


More Ways to Use Whip Around

Social Distancing

Mass communication, employee health monitoring, and eliminating paper handling are one click away

Customized Forms

Whip Around’s powerful drag and drop form builder puts you and your drivers in control of fleet inspections

Mobile App

Let your drivers be your eyes in the field and react quickly to fleet issues as they arise