The State of Roadside Inspections

Understanding and interpreting the 2023 CVSA Roadcheck results to protect fleets from out-of-service violations

Examining the results of the annual CVSA International Roadcheck shines a light on safety concerns across the commercial vehicle industry, offering insights into some of the biggest issues preventing motor carriers from passing roadside inspections.

Whip Around’s experts analyzed the results of the 2023 International Roadcheck (which occurred in May) to provide fleet managers and safety leaders with a timely snapshot of the state of the industry and key takeaways for optimizing safety and compliance operations.

In The State of Roadside Inspections whitepaper, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the different types of roadside inspections
  • The top vehicle and driver out-of-service violations by the numbers
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining proper inspection protocol
  • Surefire strategies for preventing OOS violations

Don’t let fines and unexpected downtime drag your fleet down — prevent violations before they happen.