Enabling Better Proactive Fleet Maintenance and Compliance

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Enabling Better Proactive Fleet Maintenance and Compliance

A recap of our 2022 key product releases

Whip Around has been an essential part of our customers’ growth journey in the past year, as they leveraged technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs in their operations. 

To support this growth, our development team worked tirelessly to release new product improvements. In 2022, we launched several impactful product releases that helped our customers run their fleet operations more efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant improvements we released:

Dashboard Insights: A central hub for real-time tracking

A powerful, yet user-friendly tool, Dashboard Insights was released in May 2022 and provides fleet managers with real-time and historical data to help make informed decisions about fleet maintenance and compliance. With the ability to analyze KPIs, spot trends, and benchmark performance, fleet managers have everything they need to proactively maintain their assets and mitigate risk.

Whip Around dashboards panel

With Dashboard Insights our customers can: 

  • Proactively maintain their fleet by leveraging graphics, calendars and preventive maintenance schedules all in one place
  • Mitigate risk by quickly identifying defects and any potential issues with assets using key data points and leaderboards
  • Align stakeholders by tracking progress improvements with automatic, scheduled reports

Check out how easy it is to get 360 degree visibility into your fleet’s health

VIN decoder: Control assets in a faster and more efficient way

Having accurate and up-to-date information on fleet assets is crucial to run an efficient operation. With the VIN Decoder powered by DataOne, fleet managers can easily import and update asset information in seconds, including important specs, eliminating manual data entry.

Vin decoder feature on Whip Around's platform

Whip Around Wallet: Never miss another expiration date for important documents

DOT regulations require fleet drivers to carry a set of documents for on-road inspection at all times. Regular audits of company documentation are also a reality to remaining compliant. Poor record tracking and retention can lead to expensive and unnecessary fines. If caught without the right paperwork, penalties can range from over $1,300 per day or a maximum of nearly $14,000. An expired commercial driver’s license can set you back by over $6,000 in fines. 

Whip Around wall feature displayed on a phone

Launched in December 2022, the Whip Around Wallet was one of the most requested features by our customers. It enables our customers to: 

  • Access important documents from anywhere, anytime by uploading and managing driver and asset documents in the cloud
  • Make finding documents in a pinch easier by organizing them with tags   
  • Never miss an expiration date again with easy renewal reminders and retention sunset dates on important documents

Learn how easy it is to get your fleet’s documents organized with Whip Around Wallet

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