Ensure Drivers Have the Necessary Documentation with Whip Around Wallet

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Ensure Drivers Have the Necessary Documentation with Whip Around Wallet

If drivers don’t have all the documents they need during a roadside inspection, it can lead to violations that ultimately impact your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score, and lower CSA scores can affect how potential customers think about your company.

Drivers are required to have quite a bit of documentation available in case of a roadside inspection or audit. This includes:

  • Commercial driver’s license
  • Medical examiner certificate
  • Title and registration
  • Motor carrier authority
  • Cab card
  • Hours-of-service log
  • IFTA documentation
  • Safety certificates
  • Bill of lading
  • Emissions certificate
  • State permits
  • Hazardous material paperwork

This is a lot of documentation to supervise, and it all needs to be accessible to the driver—and kept up-to-date. It doesn’t matter if they have their CDL on them if they’ve let it expire. So it’s critical this paperwork is properly managed.

A potential solution is organizing all that information into a three-ring binder for each of your drivers, which means that they would only have to be responsible for carrying their med card and CDL. But that also means that you are regularly updating each binder with the latest documents—and hoping that those binders are never lost or the contents damaged.

And then, you need to consider documents like trailer registration. If drivers opt to keep them inside the cab for easy access, what happens if they swap trailers? The paperwork stays with the first driver and  leaves the second driver without the necessary documentation. But keeping various records in different places (some in a binder, some on the driver, some in the trailer, etc.) means that misplaced or damaged documents almost becomes an inevitability.

Worry-free document maintenance with Whip Around Wallet

With the Whip Around Wallet, you never have to worry about whether or not your drivers will be ready for an inspection. All the necessary documentation can be uploaded and available electronically in the Whip Around app—the very same app drivers use to complete daily inspections.

If you need to update or replace a bill of lading, it’s no problem. Driver and asset documentation uploaded at the office is immediately available to drivers on the road.This means that your drivers have the most up-to-date documentation available on their mobile device at any time.

You can even set expiration reminders on specific documents, which means that you don’t have to keep track of each driver’s CDL expiration date and then prompt them to renew it. Instead, you can trust Whip Around Wallet to nudge the appropriate person when a document or form needs attention—and no one has to think about it until then.

With Wallet, you’re in control. All your documentation is stored in the cloud and accessible to your team members wherever they are. You decide who has access to what information, guaranteeing that private documents are kept private. And you can choose to set up your own custom tags for documents, making it easy to filter by type so you can find what you need when you need it.

Wallet integrates perfectly with Whip Around’s peerless fleet maintenance software, simplifying the inspection process and streamlining your reactive and preventative maintenance program. With Wallet, your most critical information is more accessible than ever. As a result, drivers don’t have to stress out during an inspection, and you can have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Whip Around can improve the health and efficiency of your fleet, book a demo today

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