FixedUnlimited Use Cases

Manage unlimited assets for a fixed price

FixedUnlimited Pricing

Inspect and maintain an unlimited number of vehicles, equipment, facilities and any other physical asset you can imagine — all at a custom fixed price.

Gain full control of your business by eliminating the pitfalls of per-asset pricing.

Embrace freedom and flexibility:

Make everything easier

Add and subtract vehicles and other assets without having to manage costs and billing changes.

Leave room for growth

Start uploading and managing all your key business assets on Whip Around at no extra cost.

Dare to be different

Not other fleet inspection and maintenance software platform offered this model — until now.

Envision your business with FixedUnlimited:

A fleet in hypergrowth mode

Say you’ve got a trucking or transport fleet with a variety of vehicles, but you’re planning to expand significantly during the next year or two. Lock in a set FixedUnlimited price with the vehicles you have now, then keep adding assets without getting nickled and dimed. 

A construction company prioritizing safety

Start with inspecting and maintaining standard assets like trucks, trailers, cranes or bulldozers — then start adding your scaffolding, power tools, harnesses, job site lighting, portable toilets and much more. Find and document issues before they become major safety/compliance problems.

A busy manufacturing plant

Perhaps you’re looking to track and maintain your forklifts, pallet jacks and delivery vans, but realize you should be inspecting other assets like HVAC systems, production line machinery, inventory racks and employee safety gear. Get it all on Whip Around with FixedUnlimited.

A one-stop-shop for Suntex Marinas

Suntex Marinas started with trucks and vehicles — but now they use Whip Around for everything else. See how they’ve gained better insurance rates, reduced workers’ comp claims and improved liability/accident prevention by getting all their key assets on Whip Around.

Unlimited opportunities

Curious how Whip Around’s FixedUnlimited plan would work for your business? We’ve got a guide for that.

Frequently asked questions

What is the FixedUnlimited pricing plan?

The FixedUnlimited plan allows you to manage an unlimited number of vehicles, equipment, facilities and other assets on the Whip Around platform for a single fixed annual rate. 

How is this different from traditional per-asset pricing?

Instead of paying per vehicle or asset, you pay one flat rate regardless of how many assets you have on the platform. This eliminates the hassle of adding/removing assets and adjusting billing.

What types of assets can I track with FixedUnlimited?

FixedUnlimited allows you to upload, inspect and manage unlimited vehicles, heavy equipment, tools, facilities, safety gear and more — any physical asset that is critical to your business operations.

How is the pricing for FixedUnlimited determined?

Pricing is customized based on the total number of assets you need to manage as well as your specific business needs, requirements and growth plans.

Do I need to identify and register every single asset upfront?

No, you have full flexibility to add or remove assets from the platform at any time without impacting your flat rate pricing — and without requiring the help of Whip Around’s Customer Success team. 

What Whip Around features are included?

The full Whip Around platform is included — inspections, maintenance management, asset tracking and inventory, compliance control, reporting and more. Whip Around Wallet (normally a paid add-on) is included as well.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Whip Around offers a free trial so you can experience the full capabilities of the platform before committing to FixedUnlimited.

How does this benefit my business?

FixedUnlimited provides cost savings over per-asset pricing while allowing you to comprehensively manage all assets in one easy-to-use platform. It eliminates billing complexity and admin management as your asset stack changes.

Is training or support included?

Yes, training and dedicated customer support is included to help you get the most out of the FixedUnlimited capabilities.

What makes this pricing model unique?

Whip Around is the only fleet inspection and maintenance platform offering a simple, fixed rate unlimited pricing model for managing all assets.

What customers are saying about Whip Around

Don’t take it from us. See what managers and operators are saying about Whip Around’s inspection and maintenance solution.

Take control of your assets.

Unlock the power of shockingly simple digital inspections and maintenance for all of your business assets with Whip Around’s FixedUnlimited plan.