Combined Saving | Fleet Maintenance and Fuel Consumption Management

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Combined Saving | Fleet Maintenance and Fuel Consumption Management

Every fleet manager knows the importance of organizing a strategy to create efficiency and maximize profits, otherwise, precious dollars will be thrown away. According to a report by the Environmental Defense Fund, inefficient fleet management practices can result in up to 20% excess fuel consumption and up to 15% excess maintenance costs. Creating a fleet efficiency plan can be somewhat daunting without the help of technology, but a plan is essential to save on fleet costs. Simple factors such as driving behaviors, route management, and maintenance can impact fuel consumption, and what may feel like penny-pinching is actually significant cost savings.

Driving Behaviors

Managing drivers and driver behavior is an overwhelming task, considering the lack of visibility when drivers are on the road. Thankfully telematics technology has advanced so that managers can keep an eye on driver behavior. In addition to using telematic software, managers must hire reliable drivers and provide excellent training. With that being said, creating knowledgeable drivers will make a big difference in fuel consumption but holding drivers accountable with telematics software will always result in better driving habits. Even the most reliable drivers will get caught up in bad habits. Efforts to train drivers to avoid aggressive driving can prove to be quite beneficial. Excessive braking and accelerating, for instance, are among the telltale signs of aggressive driving, which can not only blur the line between assertiveness and aggression but also lead to fuel wastage. Thankfully, telematic software has emerged as a potent tool to tackle this issue. By monitoring the driver’s behavior, the software can promptly alert the management when the driver is slipping bad habits, enabling them to take timely corrective action.

How Driving Behaviors Affect Vehicle Maintenance

Driving habits can have a major impact on the costs of maintenance, the longevity of the vehicle, and the value of the asset. Aggressive driving can cause wear on the brakes, transmission, engine, suspension, and tires. Hard braking will deteriorate the brake pads, rotor, and calipers, all leading to premature brake failure; meaning that these maintenance repairs and part replacements will happen more often. Excessive and hard acceleration will cause damage to the transmission and engine. The additional stress could even lead to complete transmission or engine failure. Unsurprisingly, the suspension and tires are also exposed to costly repairs or replacements when the driver accelerates rapidly, suddenly stops, or turns hard corners. All these components can become permanently ruined, causing frequent replacements and even reduce the value of the vehicle. For these reasons, telematic software is a great investment for monitoring and correcting driver behavior.

How Behavior Saves Fuel Costs

Not only does ensuring fleet drivers are practicing proper driver behavior save on maintenance costs, but driver behavior can considerably reduce fuel consumption. Aggressive driving habits decrease fuel efficiency, eating fuel much faster than necessary. These habits include speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. Idling is another behavior that consumes fuel without purpose. Telematics software monitors excessive idling and common behaviors that waste fuel so that management can act accordingly.

Fuel Management and Route Optimization

Fuel management and route optimization are more than just penny-pinching. The cost of fuel leads to an extensive expense. Due to the continuous rise in gas prices, fuel management, and route optimization is critical to a fleet efficiency plan. There are several ways to implement this plan effectively. As mentioned, telematic software is a great starting point for implementing a fuel management and route optimization plan. The software will help pinpoint the quickest route, taking traffic and road conditions into account. Not only will there be savings on fuel, but the vehicle will accumulate fewer miles, which holds more value on the asset, and gets the job done quicker. Whip Around is a fleet maintenance software that also provides fuel management and fuel consumption tracking. Telematic software integrated with Whip Around creates a one-stop shop for management fleet efficiency plans.

Saving with Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance places another advantage in reducing fuel consumption and saving on costly repairs or replacements. By keeping vehicles properly running, the components can run more effectively and efficiently, saving on fuel costs in the long run. Keeping vehicles operating in good condition saves costs on unexpected downtime and repairs. Ultimately, the longevity and the resell value of the asset will increase, or at least be maximized, when maintenance is properly handled. Fleet maintenance software is a great solution to all fleet maintenance needs, giving managers full control and visibility over their fleet and ensuring the vehicles are safe, compliant, and efficient. There are numerous benefits to utilizing fleet maintenance software, all of which provide convenience and increase profitability. Whip Around is a reliable and easy-to-use maintenance software that offers an intuitive platform, including fuel cost tracking. Managers are able to track fuel consumption along with maintenance to better operate their fleet. It also directly integrates with telematic software, making the whole process simple.

Combining fleet maintenance with fuel consumption management creates a strategy that saves the company precious time and money. A fleet efficiency plan will increase overall profitability and productivity. The task may seem daunting initially, but telematic and fleet maintenance software makes the mission much more feasible. Whip Around is a fleet maintenance software that makes the plan successful.

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