Get Fleet Management and Maintenance Solutions by Whip Around and Samsara

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Get Fleet Management and Maintenance Solutions by Whip Around and Samsara

Keeping your work vehicles on the road means having to pay attention to a lot of metrics. This is why Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and other fleet management solutions exist. With the emergence of new technologies and innovations, it’s never really enough to rely on a single service.  Even though many companies offer fleet management and maintenance solutions, not all of them have the same services. Some have features and convenience that other products lack. That’s where collaborations come in. Samsara and Whip Around have partnered to develop a full-stack solution for fleet management.

The Samsara Solution

Samsara’s product can provide you with more than a dozen software and hardware solutions. Their solution gives companies efficiency, sustainability, and safety for their operations. The solutions can be applied to many industries, but their most influential users are in the fleet tracking space.

The Samsara platform presents solutions that include:

  • Telematics: The ability to track your fleet using GPS cannot be overstated. The Samsara platform offers various capabilities such as geofencing, sharing live locations, and innovative map overlays to aid route navigation and asset tracking.
  • Equipment monitoring: You will get the capacity to track every trailer in your fleet and perform assignments. Get maintenance alerts on the fly, for increased trailer utilization.
  • Compliance: Connecting your operations allows you to maintain ELD compliance and lower costs. The software can transmit live vehicle data, driver log hours, and HOS tracking to cloud storage for easy management and service streamlining.
  • Site and asset visibility: The platform makes it easy to deter theft by reporting unusual activity such as tracking or surveillance devices going off. It also lets you merge all your surveillance information from a single location.
  • Reporting: Get real-time vehicle diagnostics that you can use for either proactive or preventive maintenance. Better still, you get to reduce fuel costs with improved fuel management, among other advantages.
  • Maintenance: Keeping your vehicle in top shape implies making significant cost savings and continuing the high maintenance standards you’ve set for yourself as a company.

Samsara can do much more. These solutions, however, are essential when you consider the collaboration with Whip Around.

Whip Around Solution

The solutions offered by Whip Around are the perfect complement to Samsara. Whip Around is a simple and intuitive service for digital vehicle maintenance and inspection. The software manages to offer this by relying on several constituent services. These include:

  • Fleet maintenance: You can schedule preventative maintenance based on many factors, such as engine hours or mileage. Once created, send reminders to the responsible parties.
  • eDVIR: With the app, users can record, compile and even store vehicle inspection reports and log other necessary information.
  • Defect management: Get alerts when drivers record mechanical faults and easily take corrective action, all on the go.
  • Service plans: Create service plans to get keep your vehicles maintained without disrupting workflow.
  • Service schedule: This works hand-in-hand the service plans. Schedule your vehicles for routine maintenance or other necessary inspections, right from your phone.
  • Work orders: These are crucial to keeping track of your costs and workflow. The software simplifies the creation of work orders and forwards them to your maintenance personnel. They can add comments associated with costs and attach receipts.
  • Parts and inventory: No matter the maintenance methodology you use, readily available vehicle parts are essential to reduce downtime and costs.

Whip Around and Samsara Collaboration

A truck driver using his tablet to access Whip Around and Samsara fleet management and maintenance solutions.

Whip Around + Samsara’s solutions offer unique benefits to your operations. When the two work together, what can’t you achieve?

The most important part of this collaboration is the way that workflows from each solution integrate so seamlessly. Receive moving vehicle alerts on Samsara when there is a failed or incomplete eDVIR for a particular vehicle, and then monitor the live defects and ensure they are solved in Whip Around.

Receive DTC fault codes from Samsara-connected vehicles in real-time in Whip Around. It is then easy to work out the DTC faults and find ways to solve the problems. You can then perform preventative maintenance when solving the fault codes. Sometimes a particular vehicle in your fleet can throw up multiple fault codes. Some could be true faults; some tripped because an associated part or system has experienced a fault. With this integration, you can view them and perform a group inspection of the defects.

With Whip Around + Samsara you will slash unexpected downtime and emergency repairs, preventing disruptions to your fleet operations.

Whip Around Overview

With Whip Around, you have a solution that takes a proactive approach to complete vehicle maintenance. Keep tabs on your assets’ health while automatically tracking service needs. What’s more, the software notifies you whenever a particular vehicle is due for maintenance.

With Whip Around + Samsara’s new collaboration, you can stay on top of your scheduling. You can also maintain compliance across your fleet with asset inspection reports. Even when vehicles throw DTC fault codes, you can capture them as they happen.

This convenience lets you address faults before they become an issue and ultimately avoid unnecessary downtime. The increased uptime and reduced vehicle repair costs translate into a healthy book balance. In addition, you get to extend your vehicles’ service life and improve safety.

Are You Ready to Try Out This Collaboration?

Your fleet is the core of your business. It’s normal for vehicles to experience wear and tear; however, how you manage the outcome determines how well your business operates. This collaboration between Samsara and Whip Around is envisioned to help companies such as yours keep their fleets functioning seamlessly.

If this seems like something you want for your company, try out the integration by signing up for a free trial today!

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