How Equipment Maintenance Software Can Alleviate Fleet Management Pain Points

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How Equipment Maintenance Software Can Alleviate Fleet Management Pain Points

Equipment maintenance can quickly become chaotic. 

In an organization that juggles compliance, reporting, inspections, and maintenance, paperwork becomes cumbersome. Equipment maintenance software will eliminate management pain points by digitizing paperwork and gathering important information in one platform.

Benefits of Using Equipment Maintenance Software 

Communication, safety, and efficiency are thriving factors for any organization, but especially critical for an industry with heavy equipment. Unlike many industries, companies with heavy equipment are highly regulated. Compliance, maintenance, reporting, and inspections are time-consuming and difficult to organize.

There are various benefits to acquiring equipment maintenance software, all of which saves on costs. Using equipment maintenance software will increase communication, safety, and efficiency. Better communication keeps vehicles swiftly and properly maintained. Maintained vehicles to increase uptime, stay compliant, and last longer. 

Equipment maintenance software benefits:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Improved safety 
  • Increased uptime
  • Less downtime
  • Better communication
  • Longer equipment lifespan

Features of Equipment Maintenance Software

Incorporating equipment maintenance software into an industry with fleet vehicles will alleviate various pain points. Equipment maintenance software commonly offers work order management, asset tracking, and preventative maintenance capabilities. Managers and drivers gain more visibility to data to make better decisions. Equipment maintenance software notifies drivers of defects. Communication between mechanics and drivers improves drastically. The overall maintenance process runs smoothly with equipment maintenance software. 

Selecting the Right Equipment Maintenance Software for Your Business

When purchasing software to be implemented throughout an organization, a predominant factor is establishing that the software is compatible with the company. Suitable software needs to be intuitive for workers to learn and easily integrated with the company’s current system. Cost is another major factor when selecting software. The cost needs to be less than the value the equipment maintenance software provides. Equipment maintenance software should save on operating costs in the long run, not reduce costs. 

Implementing and Using Equipment Maintenance Software

Change within an organization can be very difficult. Many employees even rebel against change because it is human nature to stick to what they know. Integrating a whole new system can also be challenging. Despite the few setbacks to implementing change, change is necessary, especially in the construction and heavy equipment industry.

Implementing and using equipment maintenance software can begin with a few obstacles. However, resilient companies that adopt technology prosper. Over time the adjustment will be much easier than the archaic system. 

The first step to making the transition to using equipment maintenance software is training employees. The cliche, knowledge is power, is a cliche for a reason. The main reason why employees rebel against change is that they are not knowledgeable, making them uncomfortable with a new system. When employees are properly trained on the new software, they will also benefit from the transition. Equipment maintenance software is meant to make the process easier, not harder. For the maximum efficiency and use of equipment maintenance software communication and training will make the investment more than worth the adjustment. 

Kimmins’ Contracting Corporation

In the industry of construction, compliance is critical. Unfortunately, meeting DOT and OSHA compliance regulations accumulates an abundance of paperwork. Kimmins’ Contracting Corporation serves industrial and commercial construction clients. Kimmins’  Contracting has a large fleet of equipment that has to be maintained and meet compliance requirements. To keep their high standards for compliance, Kimmins’ Contracting collected boxes of muddled documents.

How Equipment Maintenance Software Solved Paperwork Nightmare

Kimmins Contracting Corporation was handling a disaster of paperwork. Operation Manager, Frank Inturrisi, was in charge of 48 vehicles and 300 heavy equipment. To meet compliance Inturrisi had six unorganized boxes filled with paperwork. If requested documents for an audit, Intrurrisi claimed it would be time-consuming and difficult to find. 

The solution to Kimmins’ Contracting Corporation was digitized paperwork. Kimmins’ Contracting invested in Whip Around which encompassed their maintenance, reporting, inspection, and compliance needs. Kimmins’ Contracting digitizes documents, solving their paperwork nightmare. 

Not only was the paperwork nightmare solved but vehicles were better maintained. Kimmins’ Contracting complained that downtime was “the biggest revenue killer,” Whip Around maintenance software increased uptime by keeping organized maintenance and inspection routines. 

DOT Compliance

Kimmins’ Contracting has always made compliance and safety a top priority. When searching for software solutions for maintenance, Kimmins’ Contracting was not looking for compliance software because their old procedures were not broken. However, after investing in Whip Around Kimmins’ Contracting prospered because compliance became second nature. Routines and organization improved making the process much more efficient as well as cost-effective. 

Equipment maintenance software can revolutionize a company in the fleet industry. The software saves on costs and aids in creating efficiency within an organization with heavy equipment. The paperless solution saves time and effort, alleviating a major managerial pain point. Whip Around maximizes workers and vehicles by improving overall maintenance needs.

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