IMA: Choosing a Quality Digital Partner in the Transportation Industry

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IMA: Choosing a Quality Digital Partner in the Transportation Industry

With trucking continually evolving into the digital space, it is crucial that companies partner with products that are functional. The product should not cause current processes to change, it should be user friendly and most of all it must do exactly what the task requires and include potential value adds. Utilizing Whip Around’s program makes scheduling PM’s a breeze, tracking work orders, communicating directly with the driver to send and receive status updates on equipment issues in real time are just a few of the perks. There is no longer lag time that occurs when working with paper, all these functions are missing in the transportation space.

It was not long ago that electronic logs were not mandatory resulting in only a few businesses utilizing them. Regulations and required electronic data mandated by the government seems to change yearly. To remain compliant, companies must change and adapt how they operate, however some processes are still not at the level they should be. Whip Around’s forward thinking has developed a solid program that meet’s today’s trucking and transportation companies needs to run on a digital platform.

Whip Around helps with managing drivers pre and post trip inspections to help mitigate unnecessary cost. Of all roadside violations, 30% are connected to vehicle light issues and over 11% are for tires, these problems can be avoided with proper vehicle inspection. Many carriers know drivers are not conducting their required daily inspections per DOT regulation; however, are not sure how handle the performance issue. Without a solid Driver Management program, it is more difficult to run a successful, profitable, and respectful trucking or transportation company. This is where Whip Around can assist.

Trucking and transportation processes have changed rapidly from manual to electronic. The digital space places driver’s actions in view of insurance underwriters, potential business partners and potential future hires. A carriers CSA score is public information and reviewable by drivers at any time. Professional drivers tend to check the background of a carrier they are considering for work. When a driver finds that a company has an unfavorable vehicle OOS rate it is possible the driver may not apply.

Too many OOS issues will also have a negative effect on insurance premiums which is one of the largest costs affecting the bottom line. In the U.S. approximately 640 trucking companies closed their doors in 2019, primarily related to the rising cost of insurance. Underwriters use telematics, mileage, region, and CSA BASIC data to quote premiums; some carriers have seen annual renewal premium rise more than 35%.

Nuclear Verdicts

Since 2018, trucking insurers have lost nearly $1.8 billion due to continued pressure from plaintiffs’ attorneys targeting the industry, causing crippling multimillion-dollar settlements resulting from jury verdicts, and third-party litigation funding initiatives. Chris Spear, the American Trucking Association President has stated that nuclear verdicts are “strangling” the trucking industry. Whereas, Michael Leizerman, co-founder of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, the safety-focused non-profit stated, “Bad trucking companies are strangling the trucking industry.” The argument can be heard from both sides with relevant points of discussion but the fact of the matter is if you do not have your business practices in order a plaintiff’s attorney will exploit the issues in front of a jury causing nuclear verdicts.

Whip Around is a Maintenance compliance tool that can be attributed to better trained drivers, a stronger safety culture, better business relationships, a cleaner CSA scoreand lower insurance premiums. While many ELD companies have some type of DVIR function within their platform, most do not offer the high level of data and driver management you receive from Whip Around.

This guest post was written by Rolando Cruz of IMA (Insurance Marketing Agencies) an approved parter of Whip Around. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Whip Around can improve your CSA score and reduce your insurance risk then please book a demo with one of our product specialist.

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