Your tool for superior towing fleet efficiency

Keep Your Towing Fleet Safe, Efficient And Compliant

Streamline daily operations, reduce risk, and improve performance while ensuring DOT compliance.

Detect maintenance issues

Conduct inspections to identify maintenance issues early to reduce downtime and protect your investments.

Improve safety

Real-time communication and up-to-date vehicle data help always keep your equipment safe and DOT-compliant.

Automate maintenance

Manage work orders and service schedules, set up automated alerts and track parts & inventory in one place.

Create a safer experience for drivers and clients

Utilize safety features to protect your team

Make sure drivers conduct thorough inspections to help ensure a well-maintained towing fleet.

Minimize expenses to maximize profit

Improve your return on investment

Use fleet management software to reduce fuel costs, prevent costly repairs, improve communication, and minimize downtime.

The numerous advantages of
employing fleet management software

Streamline your tracking processes, including DOT compliance, fleet maintenance, driver data, and more.

The following are several ways fleet maintenance software promotes a safer and more profitable tow truck fleet.


Superior safety

Our feet inspection software keeps businesses in compliance. Help drivers stay safe by providing automated reminders for daily inspections and compliance checks.

Accurate timing

Get the tools to ensure drivers are held responsible for inspection and maintenance in real time. Staying current enables teams to easily oversee daily operations.

Streamlining the day-to-day

Improve communication, track fuel consumption, and provide feedback for better driving. Plus, minimize downtime, and idling time for a more productive and profitable tow truck fleet.

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