Is Investing in a Fleet Maintenance App a Wise Idea?

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Is Investing in a Fleet Maintenance App a Wise Idea?

Business owners and managers around the world are investing in technology, and fleet managers are not an exception. Maintaining a small or large fleet of vehicles can prove a daunting task if you do not have the necessary tools to help you handle such a responsibility. Ensuring proper maintenance of your fleet is critical because it has a direct impact on the efficiency of your day-to-day operations as well as your relationship with various customers.

Fleet maintenance goes beyond general servicing of specific vehicles after a particular duration. This is because repairs and routine checks are necessary between the time of the last scheduled vehicle service and the next. The implication, in this case, is that maintaining a healthy fleet is a challenge if you do not have a procedure or system for monitoring the condition of each vehicle and that is why you should consider investing in a fleet maintenance app.

Here are a few benefits to a fleet maintenance app that will help you realize ROI.

1. Reduces Downtime

If you work for a company that offers vehicle hiring services, efficiency should be part of your priorities. Any vehicle requiring significant repairs as a result of negligence or other issues will cause your enterprise to suffer the effects of extended downtime, and that is something you should avoid by all means. A fleet maintenance app can help you schedule major vehicle repairs accordingly, which will ensure that this process does not pose a negative impact on your operations.

Focusing on growing your business by committing your vehicles to various responsibilities around the year is essential, but it should not be at the expense of servicing and maintaining the same. Also, keeping track of the servicing requirements of your vehicles if they are always on the road is difficult, which can lengthen downtime in the event of a breakdown and for that reason, acquiring a fleet management app will prove a wise idea.

2. Promotes Better Decision Making

Most fleet managers encounter the dilemma of accepting long-term transportation services commitments and the need to address the immediate repair and servicing requirements of their vehicles. The fact that you want to realize a return on investment from your small or large fleet of vehicles implies that you should prioritize proper maintenance of your vehicles over the idea of earning more money while risking efficiency.

Acquiring a fleet maintenance app enhances the ability to define your priorities when you encounter the challenge of choosing between taking on another assignment and urgent vehicle repair or servicing needs. Making the right decisions as a fleet manager will also boost your relationship with customers, which is critical for those focusing on winning the loyalty of their clients.

3. Enhances Accountability

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for all company vehicles, which suggests that you should have details regarding individual vehicles at your fingertips. Unfortunately, responding to various questions from both your superiors and clients in line with specific vehicles in your fleet is not possible if you cannot keep track of them when they are in-house or on the road.

Vehicle records with such details as the previous and next scheduled servicing, major repairs, replacements and new fittings, mileage coverage details, among others are critical in determining the condition of every vehicle, and a fleet manager should produce this information on demand. A fleet maintenance app will help you keep track of each vehicle, and in turn, you can maintain accurate records regarding the same, and that will boost your accountability as a fleet manager.

4. It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Today, environmental conservation is the talk of every industry, and more and more customers are working with companies that support “green” initiatives. Air pollution is part of the leading causes of the depletion of the ozone layer, which is currently affecting our environment in various ways and fleet managers should acknowledge the importance of finding a solution for this problem and act accordingly and promptly.

One of the advantages of technology is that it encourages paperless operations, and that is one of the ways fleet managers can play their part in conserving the environment. A fleet maintenance app will reduce the need for maintaining paper records for all vehicles under your watch apart from a few that are necessary.

Sometimes, attending to a breakdown on the ground is necessary, and when that is the case, a fleet manager will most probably release another vehicle with competent individuals who can address the issue at hand. Any other vehicle you send out with mechanics as a result of vehicle breakdowns will increase your carbon footprint, and a fleet maintenance app can help you counter this by ensuring that you capture potential vehicle issues that require your attention before it is too late.

5. Supports DOT, DVIR, and Health and Safety Compliance Requirements

All fleet managers should adhere to the set health and safety standards in state laws. It is not a surprise to discover that some vehicles may be operating with licenses that are past the expiry date, yet the responsible fleet managers are unaware.

Whether a particular fleet of vehicles is operating without the necessary documents as a result of ignorance or due to the redundancy of specific fleet managers, the authorities will take action against those responsible when they crack such vehicles down, and that can affect your business in one way or another.

Reviewing paper records frequently to identify vehicles whose DOT and DVIR documents require updating after inspection may not be an option either for various reasons. A fleet maintenance app will help you identify the vehicles that are due for inspection by giving you prompts ahead of time, which will ensure that you adhere to the set compliance requirements.

6. Minimizes Cost

The transportation department can drive the budget of specific companies through the roof if fleet managers do not adopt the necessary measures. Some of the things you need to monitor as a fleet manager to cut on cost include spares, the distance that every vehicle covers, the handling of vehicles by various drivers, among other things.


Acquiring a fleet maintenance app can help you control vehicle wear and tear, and it also facilitates adherence to scheduled servicing of vehicles, and these strategies will go a long way in reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

If you want to discover the benefits of a fleet maintenance app, start a free 7 day trial today!

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