Migway Meets the Demanding Challenges of Expedited Trucking

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Migway Meets the Demanding Challenges of Expedited Trucking

Location: Charlotte, NC
Industry: Trucking
Fleet Count: 43 Tractors & 65 Trailers

Migway is a long-haul trucking company facing some of the most challenging demands in the trucking industry. The family-centric enterprise serves the expedited shipping “hot load” sector where time is money and precision fleet management is the key to success. Migway is an asset-based freight carrier, proudly operating a state-of-the-art fleet of 43 new Freightliner tractors and over 65 dry van and flatbed trailers. All maintenance and repairs are handled in-house from Migway’s dedicated shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. The high-performance company with the understated motto “We deliver” is committed to a policy of fleet improvement, and they’re not strangers to the advantages of digital technology in long haul carrier operations.

Fast secure delivery across the US is the Migway specialty. Migway’s dry vans are never more than 3 years old featuring Orbcomm individual tracking devices and cargo sensors.

Migway’s extensive fleet size combines with experience to provide critical services including:

– rush trucking
– expedited shipping
– distribution
– warehouse storage
– logistics needs
– quality inventory control
– repackaging
– delivery per request

A quick look at Migway’s national service area and impressive delivery times gives you an idea of the enormous fleet management challenges the company faces each day. The Migway team utilizes its fleet size for cross-docking operations which streamline rush trucking and expedited deliveries. Customers can choose from the dropped trailer or live loading options, and Migway’s standby local drivers are available to pick up loads within just 4 hours. Migway offers 24/7 dispatch and freight shipping services and cargo-monitoring technology to live up to their promise to ” handle hot freight loads better than anyone else”.


Migway truck

Migway Before Whip Around

The Migway workforce is built on 2nd and 3rd generation experience in the expedited trucking and logistics industry. Today, the family legacy of outstanding Migway performance is perpetuated by CEO & President Dave Voronin, Finance/Controller Alex Volk, and Safety Manager Gary Boring. The Migway management team sets a very demanding standard for the company, with the goal of delivering everything within 24 hours. As ambitious as that sounds, Migway’s average delivery time is an incredible 22 hours.

With fleet uptime and operational efficiency as their core values, the Migway team is quick to seize upon the advantages of digital technology for the trucking industry, but not all make the Migway grade. As a nationwide, asset-based, long-haul carrier, Migway faces 7 different categories of DOT compliance. Like many other transportation enterprise decision-makers, Dave and Alex were looking for a way to put DVIR (Daily Vehicle Inspection Report) paperwork burdens for both managers and drivers in the rearview mirror with a digital solution.

A quick Google for “electronic inspections” landed the Migway fleet management team on the Whip Around doorstep. Dave and Alex told us that we won out over the competition based on our modern app design as opposed to other software on the Google list which appeared to be as much as 15 years out of date. So what does the demanding Migway operations team have to say about Whip Around?

Making it easy for drivers to complete inspections with the convenience of a smartphone goes a long way toward getting DVIRs completed on time, which was one of the problems Migway was having before deploying Whip Around fleetwide. The massive paper generating DOT compliance and archiving burden is one of the primary factors driving the industry to seek out the digital solution which Whip Around provides.

“The real value to the company is that it’s helping the drivers and helping us with compliance when it comes to federal law.”, said David Voronin, President and CEO, Migway, Charlotte, NC

The Whip Around Advantage in Action at Migway

Expedited trucking is enhanced by expedited inspections and expedited maintenance, and these are the advantages which Whip Around brings to the table. And let’s not forget expedited compliance. Safety manager Gary Boring mentioned to us the peace of mind he gets from knowing that DOT compliance data and reports are all at his fingertips with Whip Around’s digital convenience should the need ever arise to produce them for a DOT request.

Now Whip Around is essential in the driver onboarding process. Drivers carry out daily inspections which are mandatory and verifiable in real-time with each driver having his own login. Morning and evening, and pre and post trip inspections allow Alex and Gary to follow up on faults with Migway’s in-house mechanics in real-time, bypassing the costly downtime which can pile up with a paper-based system for dealing with unplanned maintenance.

With WA drivers can easily report faults with comments and pictures, decision-makers can take immediate action, and mechanics can get wrenches on the problem all without anyone ever putting a pen to paper. When drivers can complete inspections with the convenience of their own smartphones inspections get done reliably, and that too can provide some significant returns on investment.

The ability to nip maintenance issues in the bud before they blossom into full-fledged failures on the long haul saves the Migway fleet from costly downtime and allows them to post some astounding logistical statistics including:

– 925 Loads delivered per month
– 7,800,000 miles driven per year
– Average delivery time is just 22 hours

Whip Around: Expedited Digital Fleet Management

As the transportation sector keeps pace with the digital age of Industrial 4.0 more and more enterprises are turning to the Whip Around solution for streamlined DVIR. The power of Whip Around data goes beyond the convenience of digital DOT compliance. The entire fleet management process is upgraded to keep you ahead of the maintenance demands of your fleet whether you’re running 43 Freightliners across the nation as Migway does or chauffering passengers with local transportation services.

Whip Around gives you the ability to make the informed data-based decisions to manage your fleet in real-time, improve safety, and enhance the performance of everyone in your organization from fleet managers to drivers and mechanics. When your company is ready for our expedited electronic DVIR system and all the benefits it brings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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