New Whip Around app update further streamlines defect reporting

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New Whip Around app update further streamlines defect reporting

To keep a fleet running smoothly, drivers and managers must remain vigilant in identifying and addressing vehicle defects as early as possible. Even with powerful fleet inspection and maintenance tools, tracking and communicating issues in real time from the field can pose challenges. 

As a solution, Whip Around has released a new capability to make it easier than ever for mobile app users to log and report defects from anywhere. The user experience is now even more seamless thanks to a modernized, streamlined design. 

Screenshot of Create Defects dashboard

With the latest update, Whip Around mobile app users can now independently create defects on the go no inspection required. They can also indicate the severity level of the issue on the spot, another new feature that further enhances visibility for all parties involved in the maintenance process. 

Driving fleets forward

If you’re a driver, your life just got easier. If you discover a defect outside of your regular inspections, you simply log the issue, categorize its severity, and notify relevant managers. With Whip Around, they’ll receive your message whether they’re in the yard, in the shop or on the road.

This new functionality enables fleets to:

  • Maintain real-time visibility: Managers get instant alerts on critical repair needs before cascading problems can arise. 
  • Minimize downtime: Categorizing defect severity allows teams to prioritize and expedite repairs that will impact operations.
  • Empower mobile workers: Drivers, managers and other users can log issues as they identify them rather than relying only on inspections. 

Proactive maintenance is crucial for every fleet. Identifying problems early prevents safety risks and costly breakdowns. With mobile defect reporting, teams can collaborate to accelerate repairs and keep vehicles rolling.

An eye toward the future

This update is the latest example of how Whip Around infuses innovation into intuitive tools that solve real-world challenges for fleets. But we’re not stopping here. Our roadmap is full of new capabilities that will help unlock your fleet’s potential, ensure compliance and maximize productivity. 

Does Whip Around have the solution to your fleet’s challenges? Book a demo to find out.

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