Putting the Driver in Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

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Putting the Driver in Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

We’ve known for a long time that there was a gap in the daily processes of most fleet operators. A focus on the condition and safety of the vehicle, ensuring it was roadworthy and that nothing had changed since the last time it was inspected that might alter its performance or condition. 

Why then, do we so infrequently check on the operators of those vehicles, when we put the ultimate trust in them to drive the vehicles, manage the equipment, meet with the customers or clients and represent our companies and brands out in the world each day? Are we saying they do not suffer wear and tear, get worn out, lose some emotional tread depth every once in a while? And if so, do we not think that it could have a big impact on them or our business? 

It may have taken a global pandemic to fast track an important part of our roadmap, but the result is something we are extremely passionate about. Driver wellbeing. Whether it’s because of a global pandemic, stretched drivers due to the driver shortage or just genuine care for your employees, we believe it’s something that should form a part of daily life for fleet operators. Not just a two-yearly medical, if they are required to hold a CDL.

We know our community doesn’t need another paper form to fill out, or phone call to make, so we’ve created some unique functionality to weave driver wellness-related items into the daily vehicle inspection list. Same process, same app, different outcomes.

Some simple questions can not only gather important information and trends on how your drivers are faring, both mentally and physically each day but also make your drivers feel valued, aware and motivated for their shift ahead. 

We see the fleet as something bigger than just vehicles and equipment. We believe the human fleet needs as much care, attention, and maintenance as everything else. 

We think Driver and Vehicle Inspection Reports are the future.

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