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Fleet Manager Software To Streamline Your Processes

Fleet managers and supervisors — and operations managers, office managers and equipment managers, for that matter — have a lot on their plates. Whip Around is a powerful digital solution that will eliminate the headaches of paper inspections and streamline maintenance, safety and compliance — all from a single, easy-to-use platform. 

Say goodbye to paper processes​

Eliminate the cost (and mess) of paper forms with a vehicle inspection app that makes it easy for drivers to complete and submit DVIRs.

Maintain your fleet effortlessly

Streamline inspections, preventative maintenance scheduling, work orders and inventory tracking with one simple platform.

Keep your fleet DOT-compliant

Whip Around provides the visibility and accuracy of information that you need to eliminate dishonesty and manage your fleet effectively.

Maximize scheduled asset downtime

Keeping your fleet on the road is essential for productivity and maximizing profit. Small problems can lead to significant issues when overlooked. See all existing defects for each asset in one place so you can “kill multiple birds with one stone” when it goes into the shop. 

Prevent pencil whipping

Lack of structure and supervision can lead drivers to fill out forms incorrectly or skip essential maintenance and safety steps. Ensure drivers complete every element of their DVIRs with customizable forms, mandatory photos and missed inspection alerts. Our fleet manager software holds all team members accountable. 

Cut down on violations and fines

Violations and fines add up and hurt your bottom line. Create a reliable inspection and fleet maintenance process to reduce roadside inspections and minimize DOT compliance worries. Our fleet manager system ensures your vehicles and drivers are in line with all local, state and national regulations. 

Make data-driven decisions

Our fleet manager solutions eliminate the guesswork, centralizing all your driver and fleet data and allowing you to gain insights in real-time. Catch issues early, monitor fleet health, track downtime and identify key trends in fleet management reports, so you can keep your fleet safe, compliant and on the road. 

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