Tips to Improve Tracking Your Fleet’s Maintenance

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Tips to Improve Tracking Your Fleet’s Maintenance

Keeping track of a fleet is daunting, especially with all the moving pieces to make a fleet run smoothly. When taking into account maintenance requirements such as keeping track of scheduled maintenance, vehicle warranties, maintenance regulations, and a fleet vehicle’s predicted longevity can become chaotic quickly. Here are some ways to improve a fleet’s productivity, reduce unexpected fleet vehicle downtime, and ensure maintenance complies.

Maintenance Inspections | Customizable Forms

Preventative maintenance is a must when operating a fleet. Regulations require fleet drivers to perform daily inspections, such as Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), to ensure the vehicle is safe and operational. By utilizing customizable forms, fleet managers can make these daily inspections along with any other maintenance checklist tailored to their fleet. Inspections guarantee that the fleet is up to code and is ready for any surprise audit.

Maintenance Notifications

Vehicle maintenance can be difficult to keep track of on one personal vehicle, let alone an entire fleet of vehicles requiring different maintenance times to ensure the fleet is never halted. Maintenance notifications provide the solution; by using preventative maintenance scheduling fleet managers decrease the likelihood of unexpected downtime. Fleet managers can benefit from using maintenance notifications to the fullest by scheduling downtime to coincide with a driver’s vacation. Fleet maintenance notification can improve the fleet’s schedule and through doing so has the potential to improve workplace culture by providing workers with a clear schedule of their time off.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

Tracking vehicle maintenance for a fleet is essential to guaranteeing warranties, maintenance discounts, and that the vehicle part inventory does not go unused, eventually wasting money. Through using maintenance tracking fleet managers can monitor a vehicle’s service history, past work orders, and the mechanic’s sign-off on each vehicle service. In tracking this information fleet managers have the opportunity to estimate a vehicle’s expected lifespan, providing them with the necessary information to prepare for the date when the vehicle is no longer valuable to the fleet.


Fleet maintenance is a big part of the much larger job fleet managers must perform. When determining how to implement these great tips into a fleet, Whip Around provides a perfect solution. Using Whip Around’s Fleet maintenance software, fleet managers can create customizable forms, manage maintenance notifications, and track vehicle maintenance or predict a vehicle’s lifespan at the touch of a button through Whip Around’s premium app.

Fleet managers have a daunting job; hopefully, these tips can help improve fleet maintenance practices that may already be in place or maybe it’s time for the fleet to upgrade to fleet maintenance software. Fleet maintenance software helps fleet managers not get stuck sifting through years of maintenance history for the right paperwork with the possibility of never finding it. The fleet then continues to pour money into a vehicle that is costing the fleet more than the vehicle is worth in the end. Fleet maintenance software ensures preventative fleet maintenance is easy through customizable forms, maintenance notifications, and vehicle maintenance tracking.

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